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L.C. – California

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I received the 1st Pfizer shot and experienced bad leg pain by the 3rd day. Dr. ruled out DVT and was put on Prednisone. Fasciculations started increasing in leg, then spread to other leg. Tinnitus started by 3rd week and then my whole left side started to feel weak, tingling, muscle spasms, urinary retention, but the worst is the internal vibrations! I consulted with 5 doctors who had no idea. I finally reached the clinic director at John's Hopkins who confirmed that she has already diagnosed many people with Post Covid Vaccine Small FIber Neuropathy. They have seen this reaction in women with hypothyroid or Hashimotos for a year now. I can't believe this info is being suppressed! I never would have risked getting this experimental vax had I known this. It's criminal that they are pushing this vax and now on our children. I have lost complete faith in our govt. No one knows how to treat my symptoms that I am having 5 months later. Acupuncture seems to take it down a notch and he is seeing lots of reactions as well. I'm waiting to get into the Stanford clinic but there are so many other vax injury patients ahead of me it's depressing. How on earth are doctors not speaking up???

-L.C. - California"

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