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L.G. – Connecticut

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


It started on Aug 28th when I finally agreed to take the vax otherwise I would have been fired in 6 days. I tried holding off as long as I could praying the mandate would change. They had posted my job already knowing I was very resistant about getting the vax as I had Covid and was exposed over 15 times since having it. Within 4 hours after having my Injection my heart started racing heavily and I felt palpitations so strongly . I had actually went to the nurse at my job and asked him to take my BP . It was fine so I brushes it off. I went to my boss told her the headache I was having and again was brushed off as to anxiety bevause I was not wanting to receive the shot . I ended going home early to rest. Went right to sleep. The next morning I woke up to having pins and needles in my extremities . I still thought maybe I slept funny . By the time I stood up the entire room was spinning . I ended up back in bed just telling myself it will pass . I stayed there all day feeling horribly . By the next morning my vision was blurry , head was pounding , pins and needles thought out my legs and Hans and such muscle weakness I could barely stand. . At tgis point my husband said we’re going to the ER. Well 6 hours and many tests. I was told this was an adverse reaction and it will pass . Went home and 2nights later back in ER ran a few more tests but came back with nothing. They told me I had to see a neurologist on my own. They discharged with a pain level of 8 , room spinning , ears ringing , heart racing and crying hysterical . I tried to call a neurologist in my plain and the waiting time was 2 months . With the grace of God a friend steered me to a neurologist who I paid privately . With a full assessment his words exactly , “ Your a hot mess” , but believe it or not that made me happy to see someone recognized what I was feeling . He said this is def related to the vaccine and called it a post vaccine disorder, which he stated was rare . He’s treating me now but still no change in my health . He will be running more tests to hopefully figure out what we can do . He diagnosed me with neuropathy and encelapathy . In the meantime I’m out of work , my job stayed there not responsible sir WC because it was state mandated . I’ve been living in a nightmare for 4 weeks all over a vax that was forced upon me white I had all the natural immunity for Covid. At this time , I only pray for my health back , my family needs me and I need them .

-L.G. - Connecticut"

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