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L.G. – West Virginia

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I have sarcoidosis (pretty much asymptotic after a splenectomy April 2020) and I am a nurse. Just after my 2nd vaccine, I started having issues with profound bradycardia and worsening joint pain. My heart rate would be in the 20’s. March 25, 2021, I passed out at work. I had a complete work up which showed a heart rate mostly in the 30’s, lymphadenopathy throughout my chest and lungs, and lung nodules which were contributed to sarcoidosis. I had a AICD (defibrillator/pacemaker) implanted. I had post op complications concerning infection of the AICD pocket requiring 2 pocket revisions with a complete removal of the device June 23, 2021. I was monitored and found my heart rate is now mostly in the 50’s and no need for a device per an Electrophysiologist. First, I give thanks to God for taking care of me through all of it. I feel the vaccine triggered some kind of inflammatory response to cause the symptomatic bradycardia I experienced. That is the only think different I did.

L.G. - West Virginia"

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