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L.H. – Florida

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Moderna post vax second dose:

10 hrs following- onset of SEVERE bone pain, intense muscle pain, neurological bee sting sensations generalized, fever 101.6, fatigue. My legs buckled with two attempts to get out of bed putting me on the floor. I was so ill, I had contemplated calling 911, but too ill to manage a phone call. ( live alone). The worst 6 hours of my life. Post vax response lasted for 5 days. I was hypotensive for 3 days, not related to dehydration or lack of nourishment. Neurological tingling, bee sting has not resolved. Day 13, post vax-rebound onset of inj. site flair, swelling with return of post vax flu s/s requiring bed rest for several days.

Reported to VSafe and then to CDC. No response.

I am a recently retired RN with Emergency, Critical Care background. I waited till 5/2021 to take C19 vax, as HX of Flu Vax anaphylaxis was of concern. Took vax at an Immunologist office. I found professionals were less informed as I was, and had no concern for my relating the side effects I had following first vax. and a nurse administered second dose. By NOW, I would have expected CDC to take lab, tissue samples DNA/RNA studies on the severe cases. Underreporting

only to promote vax.

-L.H. - Florida"

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