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L.H. New York

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I am a 51 YO healthy female or at least I was. I received my vaccinations in May of 2021. If I could turn back time I would!

I expected the initial side effects… slight fever aches etc. What I did not expect….long term effects…fast forward post 30 days after the jab……..

Body aches, hot spots throughout my entire body, itchy skin, dry mouth. Any former pain from injury that I have had in my life has now “resurfaced”.

Most recently I was taken to the ER for fainting. Let me start by stating in my 51 years I have never fainted. My first fainting episode was in July about an hour after I ate a small meal with three sips of an adult beverage. Passed out twice. Ambulance came. Blood sugar is 60 blood pressure is 90/60. Told me to hydrate and see a primary care. Bloodwork taken. I was advised I was dehydrated and needed to correct my diet

Fast forward 6 weeks. Ate a small meal with half an adult beverage. Attended a concert. Began feeling tingly all over my body. Hot spots (like electric shocks) anxiety…chest tightness… passed out 3 consecutive times. Smashed my face on the concrete. Woke up to EMTs. Was taken to the hospital. Blood pressure 90/60 again. Ran bloodwork and eKG and was told to follow up with doctor.

Since I just went to the doctor a few weeks prior I started with a cardiologist since my blood pressure keeps dropping. I brought both sets of blood work. I did a repeat eKG. I am going back for a heart sonogram as well as a corrotid artery sonogram in a couple weeks. On Monday I see a hematologist for iron infusions.

No real answers at this type except these two possible conditions since I am at the beginning of my research as to what this could be. I was told I have Vasovagal Syncope and also post prandial pooling. More to come…. Hoping that this all is temporary but it’s definitely not fun!

-L.H. - New York"

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