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L.O. – Maryland

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"I visited my grandmother about a month after she got injected with this experimental mRNA treatment. She and my grandfather only listen to CNN and grandpa told me I should get it. I explained that I’m young, healthy, and unwilling to donate my life to “science.” My grandma finally spoke up and said, “I understand your reasons for not getting the vaccine. I believe it was good for me to get it.” Then she paused for a bit and said, “But ... ever since I got the vaccine I can no longer stand the taste or sight of red meat.” This had me concerned, especially since Bill Gates wants to get us all off of eating real meat. I asked if she had reported this change to her doctor and she said no. I tried to nicely tell her that she’s being a terrible lab rat and that she can help others by reporting any suspicious changes to her health throughout the human trials. The problem is, she, like so many others who have gotten the shot, doesn’t realize she’s in a clinical trial.

My co-workers and friends who have gotten the shot, got it under the assumption that it was “safe” and “FDA approved.” They’ve never heard of an Emergency Use Authorization and that the suppression of information about viable alternatives (I.e. the Math + protocol, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, ivermectin, vitamin C, etc.) that would threaten the FDA’s ability to employ the EUA.

One family friend already had COVID-19 and was not dissuaded from getting by the shot. He now suffers from tremors and joint pain that suspiciously showed up shortly after the shot.

Another friend, had a sharp drop in blood sugar following the shot which caused her to feel drunk and out of control for three days, ending up with her passing out, falling, scraping her face on a grate, and being paralyzed for a while, unable to get up. Like my grandmother and other family friends, she had no idea that this was a potential side effect of the shot and had no clue she was in a clinical trial.

Several high school age children I know have missed a week or more of school due to adverse reactions and illness immediately following getting the shot. I fear for them each day because they were lead to believe it was the “safe” and “right thing to do,” by adults charged with their care, including the local school district which is advertising the shots and not requiring parents to accompany their children when they show up to get injected.

The media has been bought and are NOT telling the truth. The radio personality I listen to on the way home from work praised a caller for tricking his own mother into getting the shot, calling it “the right thing to do.” The caller said he “had to” deceive his mother because “if she had known about the potential side effects she never would have gotten the vaccine.” THIS ALL VIOLATES THE NUREMBERG CODE and we need to stand up to STOP IT unless we in fact WANT to go back to the days of Nazi Germany.

L.O. - Maryland"

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