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L.S. – Pennsylvania

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"I didn’t want this shot. I was denied the religious exemption at my work. I had to take the shot or I would’ve been fired and lost my benefits. I took the first Pfizer shot on September 15, 2021. I immediately felt a burning sensation rush through my body and my low back felt like it was burning on fire. An hour after I got chest tightness and shortness of breath. A few hours later my vision got very blurry. The next morning I cannot feel my fingers or hands and at times they would tingle. I got my period heavy and I was bleeding large clots for a week. I had hives and tachycardia for a few days. The fourth day after the vaccine I remember laying on the ground for about four hours with nausea I thought I was dying. It is almost a month after the first shot and I still get nausea in the morning with headaches I still cannot feel my fingers or hands but at times they do tingle. The worst part is the nerve pain I have in my back is excruciating where I am unable to work or do anything anymore. I’ve been to numerous doctors and I feel like nobody knows what to do with me and nobody is held liable. I’m a single parent of two kids to take care of and because of the shot I feel like I’m crippled. I was in perfect health prior to the shot and never on any medications. I was able to work all day and exercise and now I can’t work a long day because of all the nerve pain . I’m a very strong person and I will get through this and I am currently doing a lot of holistic things to heal. I should have listened to my gut and my gut feeling was that God did not want me to take the shot. My job should be held accountable for not accepting my religious exemption because that is my constitutional right. I feel like people don’t believe me because they didn’t have a negative reaction to it but they aren’t the ones not able to do things and spending days off going to the doctor. This is an experimental shot only and it needed more research.

-L.S. - Pennsylvania


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