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L.U. – Oregon

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Got my first jab just a couple days ago. First day had typical sore arm, headache, flushed/feverish feeling, nausea/stomach upset, dizzy, fatigued and bleh feeling. Yesterday I felt horribly strange. Vertigo/dizziness was way worse and anxiety type symptoms (tight chest, rapid heart, feeling shorter of breath), disoriented feeling, my head/brain felt horribly full, no energy, stomach pain, body aches, blurry vision and just so strange. At one point I figured I'd just lay down and try to sleep... all of a sudden it was like my heart started beating quadruple time...super took my breath! At the same time it was like somebody was flipping me upside down and back repeatedly! I know it sounds really strange but the vertigo was so intense it was like I was horribly drunk and my head was a top just spinning. I sat up and it lasted a few more seconds and thank God then stopped! All last night when trying to sleep I kept waking with this strange startling filling and then my heart would beat fast. All day today I've just felt very poorly. Still very much fatigued/ no energy, my eyes still feel very blurry, my chest still hurts from time to time as well as my heart will still race here and there. Still muscle tightness and brain feels very full... it's so hard to explain. I have a call into my doctor's office now and will hopefully be being seen soon.

-L.U. - Oregon"

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