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Vaccine Injury of Lynee Lillian Rich

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was working for a Home Health Care Agency that served Special Needs Children with High Tech equipment, as the Director of Nursing. I was spending 40-65 hours per week tracking down PPE for the employees as this was on of the last health Care Facilities to get PPE in the Medical Hierarchy of care givers!

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

On 01/16/21, I received Pfizer Vaccine #1, on 02/18/21, I received Pfizer Vaccine #2. After this I had increasing shortness of breath, fatigue, mottling of toes in the shower with engorgement of the veins in my feet. I attributed the symptoms to the stress of the job and thought I had Covid. I had around 30 negative tests that year. On 09/27/21, I had the Pfizer vaccine #3. Within 10 days, I had a major anterolateral myocardial infarction at home. I never went to be seen. It was so intense I thought I would die, I could not even reach for the nitroglycerin in my purse on the table in front of me. I called my Cardiologist and requested a visit as I thought I had a heart attack. The Cardiologist appointment was in mid October 2021. The cardiologist said, you didn’t have a heart Attack, I did CT chest, Holter Monitor x 7 days, echocardiogram, Cardiolite Stress Test and Angiogram in December 2020 for surgical clearance and as I told you everything was clear. If you remember. I told you after the angiogram that your heart was probably clearer than mine. I requested a pulmonologist referral as I was so very fatigued and short of breath. She referred to a pulmonologist office. The new Pulmonologist in the office that I went to, did the walk test and I failed early, was placed in a chair in the hallway and oxygen was given to me. I then scheduled an overnight pulse oximeter test. I called the company that sent the equipment and said this says to remove oxygen but, I have been on 2LPM at night for about 15-29 years, can you check and make sure if I can keep the oxygen at 2LPM during the test. They called back after talking to the doctor and he said I could use the 2LPM during the test. He called to say, your test was not to bad, without oxygen you only dipped to 83 x 5. I said, no, I used the 2LPM during the test, he said, in that case, go up to 3LPM at night. I went and had CXR, CT of chest and PFT’s. He told me the CXR showed ground glass appearance since I had Covid disease the first week of January 2022 and the CXR done after I had the disease. I received Monoclonal Antibidies at the end of the week in the hospital. first Covid disease as a nurse was after 3 vaccines. The Pulmonologist called me with the PFT results normal except a little scarring in the bases. He said, I think you have Heart Failure, make an appointment with your Cardiologist and I will call her and explain. Evidently, he didn’t call before the appointment, she walked in and said, what are you doing here? I told you your heart is fine, I informed her the pulmonologist only showed mild restrictive disease after testing and he said it was heart failure. She was very rude to me and said stay by the desk, she called the pulmonologist out of the Covid ICU, they were started to get heated and she walked by and said Stay Right Here, I said okay and she went in her office still on the phone and slammed the door. She came out about 25 minutes later and wrote me a script for Lasix 40mg Lasix and said. We will see if this helps your breathing. She turned as she went to open another door and said something very rude to me!!! I went back 3 more times before I decided to find another Cardiologist. During this same time, I was having my hair fall out by the handfuls!!! I also, had 7 new lesions show up in my left breast that year and they repeated the mammogram and did left breast Ultrasound every 6 months. After 2 additional Cardiologists, I was to have Cervical collapsed discs replaced and fused. The Neurosurgeon that was to do the surgery told me to go back to the latest cardiologist and tell him he wanted a complete diagnosis for my heart. He did more diagnostics and finally a right heart catheterization was done. The pulmonary pressures were negative!!!!! The diagnosis was Diastolic Heart Failure of the Left Ventricle, I was preached at many times that it was due to my size and age!!!!!! Not so!!!! When I was working, prior to 04/18/22, when I was fired, I was putting in 10-20,000 steps a day and I had Cardiac clearance with nothing diagnosed on 12/2020. I also requested a brain MRI from the Pulmonologist as increasing difficulty with executive functions and short-term memory. The Brain MRI showed Microvascular ischemia and after surger was left without oxygen for 3.5 hours. I had Brain CT and it showed white matter changes. I paged the first Cardiologist on the 31st of December 2021 and asked her if this could be due to the Covid Vaccine, she repeated that I told you your heart was fine, And hung up quickly. I paged the Pulmonologist, I asked him if this was due to the Covid Vaccine, he was silent for about 3 minutes and then said, “Highly Possible”. He has been forced out of the practice he was in!!!!! I am still having a multitude of symptoms and am on SS income, just in September made permanently disabled and have Medicaid, Medicare and extra help program and Snap benefits!!!!! My latest symptom is markers on bloodwork for multiple myeloma. I had right breast cancer prior to Covid in 2010. A biopsy of a mole on my abdomen during this Covid period showed Nevus with melanacytic changes! My neurologist said that my severe arthritis was, the worst, 64 year old with the back of a 99 year old woman. PTSD with depression and anxiety pre Covid have worsened. I also, found none of the doctors that treat vaccine injury take Medicaid or Medicare. Bruising is very bad also!!! A year ago I was told 5-6 years to live. I am not dead yet!!!

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Oxygen at 4LP around the clock. Lasix 40 mg daily. Prayers and support groups as family and friend have disowned me.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Doctors, especially in Cardiology.

What would you like others to know?

Worse than the severe medical traumas and diagnoses is the look you get, when you tell someone you were injured by the Covid Vaccine and they stare at you like you have 7 eyes!!!! I will never stop talking about my damage from the Covid Vaccine until I take my last breath!!!!!!

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