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M.A. – California

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Three hours after receiving my first Moderna shot I began experiencing numbness in my face and the left side of my neck and the base of my skull. The following day I began feeling numbness and tingling only on the left side of my body. Two days after getting the shot the outside of my left knee swelled up, and ached so much at night I could not sleep.Over the course of days the numbness on my left side became severe, with increased aching and tingling. At the same time, my heart began racing, especially at night. A week after taking the vaccination my blood pressure had climbed 50 points above normal, and my heart felt like it would pound out of my chest. I was unable to stand up for any length of time without feeling I would collapse. I called my doctors and they told me I was just having anxiety. After a few weeks of constant palpitations, my heart felt sore in my chest, and the left side of my chest ached. The cardio symptoms let up after a month, but the numbness and pain on the left side of my body persists, as does the knee pain at night and the intolerance to standing up for very long. I am now being told if I don't get a second shot, I will lose my job.

-M.A. - California


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