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M.B. – California

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



""Instant dementia."" My Mother who is 83 is recovering from a recent stroke, and has atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure which must be managed with Verapamil. She was recovering remarkably from her stroke, starting to walk, and was regaining independence. We asked her cardiologist if she should get the vaccine and he SHRUGGED. He said: ""Go get it if you want."" I was surprised he was so unenthusiastic. I asked the nursing home director, and they said: ""We have had mixed reactions, so we do not vaccinate here."" When she came home from the nursing home (despite multiple visits to ER, hospital, nursing home and doctors, she never got COVID and did not want the vaccine. My sister pressured her into it and took her to the doctor for it. After her first vaccination, she suddenly had blood pressure incidents that were alarming (180 or 200) and extreme anxiety/panic attacks. She was not the same at all. We took her to her doctor and he adjusted her blood pressure medication to a stronger dosage. She became almost incoherent with the new medication. We then had her medication changed again. My sister, who is a strong vaccine believer, pressured her into a second shot, despite her resistance. After dose two, she has been lethargic, has memory lapses, and complains of severe bone pain, she says she is ""not the same"" anymore and often I see her in her chair, all day long, barely able to move because she has no energy. Often she is slumped over, and I am alarmed and think I need to take her to the ER. She has more Parkinson's symptoms now, and she has a tremor sometimes -- thrombosis -- where her hand almost vibrates. I think the only thing that has saved her is that she is on blood thinners, and that this has probably counteracted the clotting effect of the vaccine. She regrets the vaccine and never wanted it in the first place.

-M.B. - California"

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