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M.B. – Illinois

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I consider myself a healthy individual with no medical diagnoses. I'm 69 and do not take any prescription medications, I eat well and exercise.

Initially after the first vaccine, I had a tightness and a burning sensation in my chest followed by a few episodes of my heart racing with a variety of other symptoms.

After the 2nd vaccine, I had blood pressure spikes, headaches and/or feeling a pressure in my head, extreme brain fog, an extreme feeling of uneasiness and/or mood changes, and difficulty with focus. Within a short period of time I would wake up from my heart pounding (with a headache) and an irregular heartbeat. I've had all the necessary medical tests for my heart, all were normal.

At 5 months post vaccination, I continue to have periodic episodes of tightness in my chest and an irregular heartbeat. Some episodes are mild and some are more intense. These episodes can last from a several minutes to 1-2 hours. The symptoms seem to cycle but I have not found a specific pattern to the episodes.

I have used acupuncture and mineral supplements focused on heart health to help with my symptoms, but they have not been eliminated. Overall from the time these symptoms first started, the intensity has decreased from severe to moderate or mild and tolerable, but I am not back to my former level of health.

-M.B. - Illinois"

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