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M.B. – Missouri

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I received my 1st shot Friday August 13th. Within the 1st 10 minutes I got a funny tingling on my tongue but it went away pretty quickly and then started tasting a funny copper taste which has stayed with me now for 5 weeks. 1hr after my shot I was soaking wet all over my face and my hair and I had that problem on and off for 2 weeks. That 1st evening 6hrs after shot I started having terrible chest pain and I took my blood pressure and it was 160/105 which my normal is 125/80. I have had chest pain and high blood pressure for 5 weeks now along with shortness of breath and feeling like I might pass out on and off. I would walk everday for at least 30-40 minutes before this and now sometimes I cant even make it 5minutes and out of breath. The 2nd night I got terrible stomache pain and cramping for hours and ended up with horrific diarrhea which I never ever have. I had some Ibs problems years ago but had been perfect this last year but now I cant seem to get my stomach pain to stay away and along with pain I have had nausea and acid reflux problems on and off for 5 weeks and never had this problem before. Ten days after shot I woke up with total vertigo in middle of night and I have been experiencing vertigo and balance issues ever since. I have days that I am very tired and can hardly move. As others have said I also seem to experience a woozy feeling at times and a odd shakiness inside. My doctor didnt seem to know about any of this and so here I sit all alone not knowing whats wrong or how to fix me. I think its terrible that they keep telling people this is safe yet here I am with no one to help me understand this..

-M.B. - Missouri"

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