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M.D. – California

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I am writing this based on what I observed and how this changed my views on the covid vaccine.

I am a caregiver who has elderly clients. Some are in residential facilities and some at home. I have 2 I would like to mention because these are what really changed my mind about the vaccine and why I refuse to take the vaccines that are being offered.

The first was a client’s child who took the vaccine - to help her mom, others and put an end to the pandemic. Within a week of taking it, she experienced inflammation of the heart (she’s in her 50s, active and in good health). She was hospitalized for several days. Because there are heart problems that run in her family, it was written off as hereditary and no connection made to the vaccine. She still has to take meds bc of heart damage.

I was assisting her mother in her home. She was an end stage, chf with limited mobility due to breathing issues. I assisted in personal care and general care. She was usually up beat and on good days she sewed and even taught me to sew. After her 2nd shot, the other care givers and I noticed a rapid decline in cognitive health. We were scrambling to make sense, did she have sudden onset of full Alzheimer’s? Most symptoms were similar but not exactly. She declined to the point of hardly being able to walk, not able to talk very well, being aggressive, inability to feed or eat (when prompted to eat she might eat the napkin or bib instead). She died within a month of the 2nd dose.

These 2 cases made me put a pause on my receiving the vaccine. I have since started listening more closely to others and their reactions.

I also wanted to thank you for being brave and coming forward. You give hope to others and for us caring for them, to know what to do and we are not alone.

I am soon coming upon if I don’t take the vaccine I won’t have a job anymore. I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

I wanted to say thank you and share those stories.

-H.S. - Massachusetts"

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