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M.G. – California

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Vax dec16, 2020. First RN at UCSD to get Pfizer. Pro science, pro vaccines, worked the COVID ICU since day 1.

I am the extreme picture of health. I took pride in my Mental, physical, emotional health and wellbeing. I was… Single, 37 and on top of the world in the best physical shape of my life as an athlete.

30mins post vax, the left side of my face went numb, unable to move. Bell’s palsy was the first side effect. Numb face and left arm… 12hrs later spiked 104-105 deg fever, chills/rigors, night sweats, tremors, brain fog, extreme aches/pains throughout body with Severe headaches… slept 20hrs that first evening into the next evening… withering next 14days, were all the same, with high fevers , flu symptoms, Bell’s palsy and severe headaches… with two migraines, nausea vomiting diarrhea… causing hypotension /dehydration. New onset of BLUE PAINFUL HANDS started… first doctor said I have raynauds. Second said I have carpal tunnel… I explained to both… these blue swollen painful hands are not symptoms of either diagnosis. 3rd doctor (rheum) states slightly elevated ANA gives me perniosis diagnosis “Covid toes” I’ve tested negative for Covid every week since the beginning of the pandemic. Neuro says nothing is wrong… by this time, my short term memory is gone, I cannot drive because the brain fog is severe and I am having trouble forming sentences and word finding… immunologists does not understand why I didn’t get my 2nd shot… though noones helped me through my first yet. My hands are still severely swollen, extremely painful and BLUE still. I’m not mentating at my baseline, having severe headaches, open wounds/ blisters forming on my face and hands, NVD still, greater than 25lb weight loss! The notes in my chart state ANXIETY!!! I’ve been an ICU nurse over 12 years… I’m anxious bc I am dying and no one cares. My heart starts going in and out of SVT 200bpm with a Bp 60/30s… 911 is called again. My rheum/derm/primary do not care at all, Asks if I was anxious at this time! I notice everytime I wake, my hr is 120-170s instantly, and I’m near syncope everytime I stand. Cards says it’s POTS. Starts a beta blocker. Rheum starts a vasodilator to perfuse my hands and hydroxychloroquine and DMARDS for inflammation. Diagnosing inflammatory arthritis and small fiber neuropathy since there is zero feeling throughout my fingers and neurontin for the hand pain. APS was diagnosed 6months later… from a missed elevated lab from January that was never retested… Coumadin was started, but with increased rectal bleeding and nose bleeds and blood blisters … I was changed to ASA325. There’s evidence of blood clots in my fingers but It has been almost 10 months, eastern medicine / western medicine… and I’m desperate to get out of bed and be normal again. My doctors still believe I had ALL these diagnoses prior to vaccine and it’s unrelated… though I’ve never had a health diagnosis before this. No one seems to care to help me. I’m scared I will never be able to be an ICU RN again if my memory/brain doesn’t come back… if my hands don’t heal and my grip strength doesn’t get better… if I will never be able to feel anything again w my fingers! My heart rate is controlled most of the time, but still flares up to 170s sometimes inbetween beta blocker dosages… how will I be a critical care nurse if my head hurts every single day… I wake with vertigo frequently, cannot drive or keep food down… my hands swell to the point I can’t close them. Sadly this isn’t everything. The small details… tinitus, nystagmus, hand tremors, balancing problems, syncopal events, low grade fevers, hypotension, mouth ulcers, leg vibrations at night, extreme bruising/hematoma, bleeding hemorrhoids, chest pains/palpitations…

never in my life did I have any of the above symptoms or side effects… never took meds, never had a primary doc. Worked out 6days a week, on a healthy diet, play all the sports up to the day I was vaxed. I am a picture of health, that fell off this planet the day I got vaxed… and not one doctor cares…. I need to be heard. I need help =(

-M.G. - California"

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