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M.G. – North Carolina

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"My daughter, Sarah Green(Little), received her second dose off the Pfizer vaccine on May 4th. After the vaccine, she complained of a headache in the back of her head a few times. She had not had headaches before. I gave her Ibuprofen, and it would get better.

On the evening of May 23rd, she came to me and said she had a “twitch” in her neck. I thought maybe she was just tired and told her to go to bed.

The morning of May 24th was a normal morning. I go to work before she wakes up, and so she calls me if I don’t call her. We had a normal conversation and she told me that her and her dad were going shopping.

That evening at around 7pm, I got a call from her dad and he said that he was taking her to the ER because something was wrong. Little had begun stuttering really bad and she was having uncontrollable head movements. She looked like someone who has Parkinson’s. She had never stuttered or had these “tics” before.

After 2 nights in the hospital and numerous tests, she was sent home with no improvement and we were told that it was a “nervous tic” and she needed to see mental health. We asked several times if it could be the vaccine and we were ignored until one dr told us that he had no idea what it was, but it was absolutely not the vaccine and we couldn’t blame everything on that. We had to argue with them to refer her to a neurologist.

2weeks later we finally saw the neurologist and we were told that she had Functional Movement disorder, and that it was “related to the vaccine, but not vaccine related”. And that it is an “extremely rare” side effect. (While researching, I have found that it is not so rare). But the neurologist said that they had seen a lot of this.

Basically, what has happened is that there is some kind of breakdown in the pathway of Little’s brain and her body movements. And it is considered a “neurological disorder”.

I am not an antivaxxer. She is up to date on all other immunization’s. But we were not informed that this was even a possibility.

M.G. - North Carolina"

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