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M.H. – Illinois

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I am a young, healthy 24 year old who received my first Pfizer vaccination Wednesday April 28th at 3 pm. Afterwards I remember feeling very hot and tired. I just laid around , and that night I started feeling very dizzy. In the following days, the dizziness increased and I did not leave my bed for fear I would fall over. One night I felt a tingling sensation down both of my arms which was terrifying for me. Later that night, I went to get dinner because I hadn’t eaten yet. In the car , I began to feel like someone had flipped me upside down, yet I was physically sitting upright. I, at 23 years old, filled out my will and life insurance beneficiaries for fear that I was literally going to die… Yes, physical symptoms were that bad. Symptoms worsened over time, 5 emergency room trips later, chest x-rays, a CT scan, and bloodwork with no diagnosis beside anxiety, even thought I gave them an entire list of symptoms such as ; derealization , brain fog, memory issues, lethargy, muscle fasciculations , difficulty concentrating, loss of appetite, weight loss, profuse sweating, heart palpitations, chest pain, weakness, trouble breathing, and more symptoms that I can’t remember at this time. I ended up in a psychiatric unit for about a week because I admitted myself as I started to believe everyone telling me my experiences/symptoms were all anxiety based. A few med changes later, and I am no better off than square one. I will preface this and say I have bad anxiety already, but was told that all of these symptoms were just anxiety. I was coerced into taking the shot and actually was excited to be a part of history and getting past this pandemic. This shot has cost me my social life, halted relationships, taken my joy and peace, and cost me my career of 3 years. I am tired and frustrated. I don’t know how to move forward as each day is a challenge to get through and I cannot remember the last time I was excited to fall asleep in anticipation of the next days adventures. Today is Saturday august 14th, and I would give anything to go back to Wednesday April 28th and skip that vaccination appointment. My birthday was Thursday august 12th, and I turned 24, and I struggled even looking forward to that.

-M.H. - Illinois"

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