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M.L. – Maryland

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


This was my Facebook post when I found out I now have inflammatory arthritis.

I decided to get the Covid vaccine. I don't like to get these type of shots because I would always get sick when I got the flu shot (explained to me that I have an overactive immune system which is why I rarely get sick but also why I don't do well with vaccines) but I got the Covid shot mainly because of my business and I didn't want to wear a mask.

Three days after receiving the 1st Pfiser shot I began having swelling and pain in my hands. I assumed it was from my spine C5 and C6 are pinching my spinal cord. When the pain got too bad I went to my doctor and had blood drawn. He recommended I see a specialist as my inflammation results were very high. It turns out I have developed an auto-immune disease, inflammatory arthritis. According to my rheumatologist it is directly related to the Covid vaccine. This is not a curable disease but it is treatable and may go dormant. I am praying for that!!

The point of me telling my friends on Facebook is this:

Please stop shaming people for not getting the shot. You have no idea if it is even effective (unlikely since the ""Delta"" is spreading and people have had it twice) and most importantly you have no idea how it will effect that individual. Hindsight is 20/20, but if I had a do over I would not get the shot. I would trust my immune system.

Those that do not wish to get the shot shouldn't be criticized for putting you at risk, if you got and believe in the shot then what are you worried about? You can get Covid anywhere at anytime and it's unlikely you'll be able to pinpoint how you got it anyway. I doubt anyone who isn't getting it is trying to hurt someone else. They are worried it will hurt them, or that it won't work. I am proof it could cause permanent damage/problems.

The fact that this Country is starting up the mask talk again is infuriating. It isn't because people aren't getting vaccinated either. It was one of the main reasons I got the shot. I will not be wearing a mask in a store or restaurants. I will wear a mask if requested by a client, doctors office, or airline. This is out of respect not fear of Covid.

I am not saying you as an individual should not get the shot. I am saying it is the individuals decision what they want to put in their body, its their choice. It isn't the Government's or anyone else's, just that person's. Everyone in this Country is free to make these decisions on their own without being discriminated against. If that changes we are no longer a free nation.

Make you own decisions based on what you believe or feel but do not judge others for their beliefs/feelings. That is discrimination!

-M.L. - Maryland


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