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M.O. – Pennsylvania

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I receive the Johnson and Johnson vaccine on August 6, 2021. Within the first 24 hours my arm that I received the injection and swelled and I had this burning sensation on my skin. The sensation is like a hot flash between my shoulder and elbow. It is now a month later and I continue to get this burning sensation that comes and goes in that arm. Also I’ve been getting heart palpitations and my blood pressure has been reading high for the last month. I went to see my family doctor yesterday and explain to her the symptoms I’ve been having since I received my vaccine. She told me that she would do an electrocardiogram which was negative. She thinks the burning sensation has to do with some sort of nerve impingement in my neck and my palpitations are from anxiety. I read my after visit summary when I got home. No where is it indicated that I had an abnormal reaction to the vaccine. My diagnosis were skin disturbance and heart palpitations from anxiety.

I feel my doctor did not acknowledge the fact that I had an abnormal reaction to the vaccine.

I feel the medical field is being directed to not acknowledge any abnormal reactions to the vaccine.

-M.O. - Pennsylvania"

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