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M.P. – Ohio

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I’m 35 from the Cleveland Ohio area. I was healthy and active pre-jab, with no pre-existing conditions or health problems.

I received my first dose of Pfizer on 3/28. I was fine immediately after and the next two days, I just had the sore arm.

On 3/31 (three days post jab), I suddenly got a strong metal taste in my mouth, my body went into full convulsions, dizzy, light headed, tunnel vision and loud ringing in my ears which lasted for about 10-15 minutes. The dizziness and random twitches/tremors remained after the major episode but otherwise I felt somewhat okay, just exhausted. My doctor advised me to monitor my symptoms and “sleep it off.”

On 4/1, I felt fine upon waking up and then it all started again, this time with a sharp pinching pain in my chest. Dr told me to go to the ER immediately which I did. They ran tests and monitored me but didn’t find anything out of the norm.

Since then, the symptoms have remained. Some days are worse than others with a full convulsion episodes and some days it’s just random shaking and spasms, along with insane brain fog, dizziness, pressure in my head/ears, tinnitus and the pinching pain in my back/chest. My head sometimes bobs and shakes. My toes and fingers are constantly cold, then will often burn and then turn into a pins and needles sensation and sometimes go numb. I feel a constant vibration in my body. The base of my skull, neck and mouth will sometimes go numb as well. I’m also hypersensitive to sounds and when I’m around a lot of activity (noise, movement, etc), it makes my symptoms worse. I used to be able to run, do intense cardio and lift weights five days a week, and now a simple walk exhausts me.

All of the doctors I’ve seen so far have agreed that this was an adverse reaction to the vaccine and have recommended not to take the second shot. I’ve had multiple tests run and nothing is coming back abnormal.

M.P. - OHIO"

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