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M.S. – Florida

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


My 88 year old mother lives with me instead of going to a home. I don't ever want her to feel she should need to. I worry often about whether my outside contacts might give me covid and that I'd bring it home to her. That's the main reason I decided I'd get the innoculation. She decided to get it because she's in the main target group for severe, if not fatal, trouble if she were to contract covid.

Lliving in the FL panhandle, we didn't really notice much effect from the 'pandemic'. The only real difference in our lives was wearing masks in the stores. We know how that's worked out.

We knew one person in a different city that came down with the disease but she recovered after a few weeks. Nobody else we know has come down with it.

We waited for about 6 months to see just what kind of news would come up about the folks that got the innoculations and decided it might be OK to go ahead and 'get the jab'.

The first jab was nothing at all really, even better than the flu vaccines. Neither of us noticed anything after the discomfort at the injection site for a couple of days.

The second jab was quite different. The first couple of days was the same as before. My injection site started to be quite uncomfortable after day 5 and by day 7 it was hurting all the time. Mom's injection site never gave her much trouble at all. By day 16 my arm was back to normal and I was pretty relieved.

We both have diagnosed peripheral neuropathy. Mine is still in my feet and lower legs but hers also includes her arms and hands. After the 3rd week we both noticed that we were having much more discomfort from the neuropathy and it has been keeping us from sleeping well. On top of that, we both suffer from arthritis and that has been getting much worse. We don't know if it's just coincidence, but usually the arthritis is much better this time of year - not worse.

So, that's our story about after-the-jab. We're hoping things don't get worse and that nothing new crops up.

Good luck to everyone.

M.S. - Florida"

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