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M.S. Massachusetts

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Entry Date: 5/28/21

I received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on 3/21. That night I was awoken at 3am with a rapid racing heart - pulse was 135. I was so anxious and pulse so high I had to stay up the remainder of the night. Within next few days it continued, as well as high blood pressure, dizziness and a headache that felt like my frontal lobe was swollen. None of these symptoms occurred prior to the vaccine. Within a week I developed abdominal pain thinking I had a gall bladder problem. I went for acupuncture and he prescribed some Chinese herbs that seemed to work. On April 11th I had the second dose and lots more symptoms developed - headaches returned, dizziness, vibrating feeling down my arms, heart palpitations daily, metal taste in my mouth, burning down my legs that woke me up on fire, sudden cramps in my foot while reclining, sudden thinning of my hair and a 9lb weight gain from April 11-May 22 with no change in diet. Entire body feels swollen with fluid retention. I saw my PCP on 5/20 and she ordered CBC with diff, thyroid, amylase, complete metabolic screen, lipid panel and a two week use of a Holter monitor for my heart. All tests results are normal and we will know cardiac monitor result on June 10th. Hoping all this subsides soon and no long side effects will linger.

-M.S. - Massachusetts

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