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Maria Joao Silva

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Normal. I was Healthy and happy.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

The symptoms following this first shot were: mental confusion ( difficulty to return to work alone) and a swelling from the zone under the wrist and little finger (left side). However I felt calm about taking the second dose. The second dose (left arm), given 11-22-21. After 10 – 15 minutes I began to have symptoms of muscle hardness on the upper left part of my back. At the time I didn’t give it much importance, as my breathing felt fine. After 30 minutes the pain was very strong and accompanied by a urticaria on my chest and back. Therefore I was helped with intravenous medication (right arm)at the hospital. In the hospital I developed: myalgia between the shoulder and the shoulder blade (left side), edema and parestesia, urticaria, mental confusion and cloudy vision. I was under observation at the hospital for 6 hours. At home, including the day of vaccination, an avalanche of new symptoms began as well as intensification on some previously mentioned symptoms. -Edema spreading on the back – paresthesia – sensation of stinging and boiling lava running down the back (around 10 days). A horrible pain/ burning sensation on the back from the shoulders until the lower back, in a triangular fashion. Although it was invisible, I felt burnt, and the skin was extremely hot and sensitive to the slightest touch. (for more than 2 weeks in the highest level). – sensation of pulling of the back skin, as if there was something under it. – asthenia, tachycardia (POTS), chest pain, bronchial spasms: All these symptoms were interconnected, which resulted in sick leave and lying down as much as possible, not being able to live normally. -joint pain that wake me up night – hives and rash on the back – fever, sweats, shake hands, muscle pain in the knees (1 day), dizziness and permanent sensation of very cold, including my burning back – general malaise – menstrual irregularity, menstrual pain (constant for more than 8 months and many times very strong), menstrual Clotting (3 times), – kidney – 3 parapyelic cysts – sub clinical Thyroiditis – 1 thyroid nodule – lymphadenopathy (left armpit) – tinnitus – constant presence of various high frequencies in the head simultaneous with a low thunder sound. This is one of the most difficult symptoms to tolerate because I am very sensitive to any sound and when I am exposed to it, it worsens quickly becoming stronger in the head.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Layd on bed, rest, sleep. Anti histamines Ivabradine ( 1/4 pill) C and D vitamins “”água das pedras salgadas”” (Portuguese water) Salt COVID INFECTION was extremely good for me Now : intermittent fasting (22 – 24 hours except at Sunday).

Which solutions were not helpful?

try to walk

What would you like others to know?

That the covid vaccine is worst than covid infection. If you can, stay strong and don’t take this shots. They’re not safe or effective.
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