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McKenzie Kimm

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What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I loved to dance , hike, garden, and do acrobatics.
I was full of joy and optimism for my future

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Immediate loss of period 6 months
During that 6 months I had one month of covid toe/gout
Extreme eczema 12/21-6/22
AVN right hip 4/21 core decompression 1/23
Upper back/scapula nerve spasms 1/22- currently
Spinal cord pain 8/22-currently
Right wrist went out 9/22-5/23
Left wrist went out 10/22-5/23
Headaches 10/22-4/23
Hair loss entire time
Tail bone pain 3/23-currently
Right knee 3/23-5/23
Nodule on right adrenal 3/23
AVN left hip. 1/23-currently
Right chest plate pains 6/23

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

1. Fascial counterstrain physical therapy
2. Moxa acupuncture
4.Laying directly on the earth , grounding has been my main pain relief and antidepressant.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Core decompression didn’t help the AVN
In right hip

What would you like others to know?

I have gotten nowhere with my western drs.
My state health insurance has been giving me the runaround. I had to switch primary care providers neither of them will give me the referrals I request. I took me over a year to get a referral to Stanford and then it was to the wrong department. The Dr I saw tried to refer me to the long covid department at Stanford, but was unable to access the website. He also suggest I get a primary care at Stanford, then I realized my state insurance will not cover a primary care at Stanford. I feel I am gaslight at every Dr and specialist I see.
I am heartbroken I am unable to do the things I love, unable to eat things I love. I feel as if I have lost my life. That my life was taken from me. The depression from loss of mobility is hurting all my personal relationships. Half of the time I can’t even get my point across, I feel I have brain damage. Sometimes I have difficulty making clear sentences. It’s very hard to speak clearly to get my point across.
My supplements, enzymes and treatments have broken and exhausted all of my little savings. I can no longer afford treatments or vitamins.
I am only 43 years old, I was a healthy fit athletic woman. I have now given dying instructions to my husband.

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