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Vaccine Injury of Michael John Haycox

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

245 lbs, gregarious, patriarch of family, traveling, veracous leader, loved reading, great husband and father, big laugh, loud. Loved fishing, hunting, camping/rv-ing, shooting, projects, etc.

Now: 183 lbs, quiet, lack of emotions, paces for hours, shy, circular motion with head and fingers, worried, paranoia, no ambition or drive.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

4/12/21: 1st Moderna Shot
4/30/21: Camping trip, myocarditis symptons, heart was under pressure
5/10/21: 2nd Modena Shot
2/14/22: Moderna Booster
7/2/22: Paranoia set in, thought swat team was coming, identity theft, pacing began, nervousness
7/25/22: Paramedics came, thoughts of harming himself, not taking meds
7/25-8/11/22: two weeks, 2 days in behavioral clinic. Working on medicine input, group therapy sessions and began talking to psychiatrists.
Beginning September 2022: Amen clinic, brain scan, brain supplements induced, medicine, extensive blood work (lyme, mold, brain inflammation, etc.)
Since then: Continued pacing, quiet mornings, lack of emotion, lack of communication, excess worrying
See's psychiatrist on a regular basis
Still active with Amen clinic, looking in to pursuing hyperbaric chamber therapy.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

The meds have helped with sleeping. We, as a family, are still searching for the right meds, answers, etc.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Still working on identifying problem. We've done the Amen Clinic, 3D scan of brain, cat scan and MRI, bloodwork, etc. Seeing a psychiatrist, personal doctor and looking into hyperbaric chamber sessions.

What would you like others to know?

Sharon Haycox (wife) says, "It is like he had a stroke of his personality. Lack of engagement, doesn't drive a car anymore, and he does not have a drive or will of any kind of activity (e.g. reading, writing, games, exercise, going places, etc.)

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