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N.H. – Utah

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I had normal symptoms after both my first and second shot. Early morning of the the third day following my second shot I woke up with intense pain in both wrists, all joints in my hands and fingers, both knees, both ankles, and all joints in my feet and toes. The pain was so bad it felt like they were burning. I could not walk, I couldn't type on my laptop, I could not scrunch my hair (I have curly hair), and I had to use both hands when drinking from a glass. Ibuprofen did nothing to ease the pain. I had to take hydrocodone prescribed to my husband to sleep partially through the night. The intense pain lasted for four days. On the fourth day (7 days after the second shot), my knees and wrists stopped hurting. My hands were still weak and my ankles and feet still hurt but I was able to walk. My hands finally stopped hurting after a couple of weeks. Four months and one week following the second shot my feet are still in pain. A podiatrist diagnosed plantar fasciitis. I have not been able to resume my normal exercise routine (previously 3 days per week for approximately 8 hours). My gait is impaired because of the pain. Daily activities like cleaning, going to work, grocery shopping, are exhausting because of the pain. I'll still get a booster shot when it's approved for people my age. Despite my reaction my oldest child is now vaccinated and I fully intend on vaccinating my youngest when it's approved for children her age.

-N.H. - Utah"

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