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N.N. – Vermont

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Received my last vaccine June 30. Two weeks later I started having right sided ear pressure neck tightness and an odd swollen tongue feeling. Didn't think much of it. Fast forward to July 27th, sitting at my desk at work and started feeling off. Slight dizziness and brain fog. Made it home and ended up blacking out. Shaky and dizziness off balance. Ed visit on 7/30 revealed CT normal. DC with meclizine and vertigo. Symptoms increased. Tried a chiropractor to see if my neck was out. No help. Back to the ed this time DC with antibiotics in case ear infection diazepam and still labeled as vertigo. Symptoms continued to increase with nausea blurred or bouncy vision. Shakes increase as well as balance worsened. Referrals to Ent and pt which provided no answers. Another syncope spell on 9/1. Told to refrain from driving. My brother googled and found others having the same symptoms and timeliness. Symptoms increase and no answers. Before vaccine was healthy on no medication. At the mercy of the medical community who are not open to the vaccine causing. Also scheduled to far out for more testing. At my witts end. Have a 4 year old and full time job. Symptoms are debilitating.

- N.N. - Vermont"

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