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N.O. – Hawaii

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I was a healthy, normally tired 49 yr old with a 9 yr old son. After my initial vaccination, at night I heard like electrical sounds in my chest, and had a few palpitations, really strong. Felt okay in a while and let it go. After 2nd vac I went to pool with son. After leaving pool I tried walking up a ramp, same day and couldn't. I lost my breath.

Felt ok in a while. Went to bed that night and was having issues breathing. Within a little while breathing got more difficult. Told my fiance I can't breathe. I went to get up. I saw the room spin and collapsed back into bed. I had stopped breathing. Was found to have fluid in lungs which the doctors thought was pneumonia. After an x-ray found my heart was inflamed. After an echo in a couple of days found I had heart failure with an EF of 15%>. My heart working at about 1/3 of what should be. This occurred mid May. Blood work was ok except for what was affiliated with the actual myocarditis. I am waiting on my next echocardiogram. I'm assuming I'm healing slowly. I cook, clean, do minimal duties. Have some good days. Sometimes scared, of dying now. Feel panicky at times and have to tell myself stay calm. It's so hard at times. The fear can be overwhelming but thankful when I do things. Always on alert of my heart almost because my sensations to pee, and other sensations are just not the same. The doctors don't know what caused it at the time. I'm ok but waiting and hoping to recover, maybe one day.

-N. O. - Hawaii"

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