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N.S. – New York

Tagged with:Heart Issues

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I have taken the first doze of Pfizer six days ago and have not been myself since. Immediately after the shot I felt my heart racing and a feeling of fainting. I was attended by two very young EMS that were playing video-games during my 30min post vaccine wait. I did not trust them with my health, so after drinking copious amounts of water, I came out and was driven home by my husband.

The racing heart did not stop since - I cannot come down enough to fall asleep. It followed with a low grade fever, sharp chest pains, swollen glands and a general feeling of malaise - feeling like I am going to faint any minute.

I figured I'll wait and see if it goes away, but I watched your video last night, and now I know that my symptoms are word for word what Kristy Dobbs detailed in her testimony, and I am scarred. Six days is not enough to make a full analogy [no skin rushes yet, or seizures], but I am scared to think that might happen. I am also scared to think that I might not be able to perform my job, engineer, or be paralyzed.

If there was a way to clean my body of this vaccine, no matter how painful I would do it today. I wish i never gave in to my doctor's urgings to do it.

Prior to this I was an active 55 year old with so much to look forward to - grandchildren on the way, a work I like, travel and hikes with my husband,

I has asthma, and that was the reason my doctors urged me to take the vaccine, but I never been hospitalized for it, and with diet and medication was under control. Now I am tired all the time and my racing heart is not allowing me to rest properly, and the feeling of dizziness that is always present makes me dependent on my husband. I wish i can turn back the clock to that August 24 day and never gone in to take that shot.

-N.S. - New York


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