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Natasha Moore

Tagged with: POTS, Heart Issues,

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was a happy,healthy energetic and content human being. I worked hard,attended the gym 3 to 4 times weekly and had a very good diet. I enjoyed socializing, sports and going to church. I didn't know of any severe pain, like anyone I had just a minor aches and pains very rarely. I was able to do my job efficiently and whole heartedly in health care as I loved what I did

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

On April 30th 2021 I received 2nd dose of Pfizer, May 1st 2021,24hrs after 2nd jab ,I woke up and had a sip of tea,I started to feel very very nauseated. I tried getting to my bed but was knocked unconscious in the bathroom.When I regained consciousness I was face down on the floor. I vomited profusely for about over half hr. Felt like I was going to die,I had and immense tightness on the right side of my body. I suffered severe chest tightness and very shallow breathing. I walked slumped over and my neck was extremely tight. So many different symptoms would follow, eye distance, could not swallow,speaking was challenging, could not write,swallowing became difficult so I drank liquids. I could not sleep or even lay down because the muscles all spazed up to the point of feeling like a statue. My entire body was just seizing up. So so many debilitating and havoc causing symptoms. My life was forever changed,practically overnight. My muscles wasted away and I suffered right shoulder drooping and the trapezius muscle started to depreciate. It traveled to the head,I have a very tender SCALP and a sink to to top of the head and the back of head. I also to this day have a bump on the right shoulder and leg. Its just so much pain and suffering,it's hard to put into words everything that has occurred and I was a healthy happy person before receiving this vaccine.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Movement (stretching,walking) physical therapy. Manual massage therapy. I take a regiment of vitamins and supplements like omega ,tumeric, greens ,beet root for circulation as my blood is totally coagulated. And most of all prayers

Which solutions were not helpful?

Conventional medications like Cymbalta,celoxib etc

What would you like others to know?

Please stay strong in faith,I'm so very sorry this happened to us,it's not our fault and keep advocating for yourself,be persistent and don't let noone put you in a basket of its all mental like anxiety, fibromyalgia etc. Yes we have suffered anxiety, depression etc,who wouldnt,after this life altering situation,but it's not the root cause. It is the vaccine ingredients. Please stay strong in faith and have a great support system. I know the suffering, but keep fighting day by day!
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