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O.D. – Ohio

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


My name is Olivia..I'm 36 ...a artist...I have 2 dogs and two ferrets. I'm super healthy...I use too walk my dogs everyday...20..40 min easy... I had strength to lift heavy furniture...that I would rescue from the curb...and redo. I got my second dose of Moderna on Thursday June 24th at around 10:30 in morning... Within 17hrs after vaccination I started to have symptoms...heart palpitations,chest tightness or fullness?...and numbness down the complete left side of my body..head to toes... breathing if I could not get a breath. At that point there were no warnings of heart inflammation...and the clinic I received it at was closed for the weekend. Having never had heart issues... I was concerned... I called the CDC...who informed me of heart inflammation could come from the vaccine Moderna...and said they would send me a email about it. Made a report to adverse reactions website as well. Made an appointment with a doctor for that Monday...EkG was done...blood pressure... everything they could do..and said if I develop pain with all the additional go to the ER immediately. The next day ..Tuesday while cooking I felt a sharp pain in my heart on the left side that shot to my left arm, where I received the shot. We went to the ER. Going to the ER more then once..and several doctor's visits... I've had all kinds of tests... including a echocardiogram. They have not been able to see anything wrong...and have said...""You appear to be in perfect health."" It's been over 2 months...anytime I push it...try to take a walk...paint symptoms get more dramatic. Currently Heart Pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, numbness, tingling, electric pitches, body jerks, extreme fatigue...are apart of my daily life. I'm discouraged... exhausted and dabble with hopelessness daily...... We are simple people...always wanting to live in away with less impact. I can't walk my dogs... can't do redo furniture like I did. Our small businesses which were already impacted by the pandemic are taking the hit. This is consuming our lives...

I want to be Believed... And for US to be investigated. Why are we having these rare reactions. There will come a time when the companies will no longer be covered...and will be forced to look at US. I pray they take the responsibility of finding these answers NOW...before they are forced too... because it is the RIGHT THING TO DO....just as we thought and trusted it was the right thing to get the help.

Help US please.

-O.D. - Ohio"

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