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P.A. – Florida

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I received my first Pfizer vaccine in March 2021 followed by my second dose on April 1. Four weeks later I experienced lightheadedness, dizziness and tinnitus. I have been to my primary care who referred me to an ENT. I’ve had a brain MRI that my ENT says is completely normal. The ENT was of no help and offered nothing other than the fact that my ear would eventually heal itself and the dizziness would pass. Extremely difficult to work every day, especially at 63 years of age.

In desperation I googled inner ear dizziness and the Covid vaccine and found a wonderful website that has supported and seen me through the last five months.

I have stopped living my life due to the dizzy feeling of being constantly on a boat. I have not been able to drive to see my new grandson‘s. It is been very difficult to keep my emotions in check and not be thoroughly panicked. I work in a Physician’s office and cannot say very much as they are not understanding of what I’m experiencing. I keep quiet and do my best to get through each day. Emotionally stressful to say the least.

I am now six months post vaccine and five months post symptoms. I am now beginning to have good days and was finally able to drive two hours to see my grandbabies this past weekend. I am exuberant and so encouraged.

I have reached out to my primary care to find out concerning vestibular physical therapy, as I cannot go into a store without feeling overwhelmed and disoriented.

I am a woman of faith and want to encourage everyone that God is good and He will heal us all in time. Hopefully we come away from this having learned and grown in our compassionate for those around us who’s affliction, just like ours, cannot be seen.

Blessings and thank you for this site.

-P.A. - Florida


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