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P.E. Oklahoma

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I am an eighty-six y.o. very active, though retired, physician. I received the 2 shot series of the vaccine in late April with the usual site discomfort for few days. In mid May I began to notice muscle aches and stiffness with beginning fatigue to the point that I had to reduce my activities. This was a slow progression along with some nausea and loss of appetite with mid-epigastric pain. In mid August, I developed marked pain in left shoulder and across the back to left shoulder with pain and tingling in both upper arms. The other symptoms continued with mental fogginess on occasion. My ESR and CRP and Alkaline PO4 were 8 times normal. A CT scan of abdomen was normal. The diagnosis of Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR) was entertained and confirmed by the rapid overnight relief of the muscle pain from an injection of cortisone. The other symptoms are slowly improving on oral prednisone, though fatigue is still a factor and an occasional loss of balance. Awaiting repeat lab study.

I have no other symptoms of rheumatoid pathology. I did have a severe bout of the Flu 3 years ago. My T cells may have been primed for an auto immune response. Research shows that 5% those with rheumatoid disease will exacerbate after the vaccine and 1.3% will have a severe reaction.

-P.E. - Oklahoma"

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