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P.L. – Illinois

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



Hello my name is Paolo and I’m a active 43 year old. I am not feeling right after my 2nd Pfizer vaccine. I am experiencing calve/hamstring and forearm tightness. Pain in my upper back. My equal Librium is very off. Like a very bad bout of vertigo. Unsteady. My arms feel heavy. My legs feel weak at the knees. I have muscle spasms. When I try to fall asleep I have hypnic jerks that literally make me jump out of bed.y muscle spasms get worse when I try to sleep. I’ve not been able to sleep in a week. Last night I had this fluid pain that traveled from my left side of my head. Brain fog. I get really hot at times. I’m also starting to no a slight bladder incontinence. I’m not hungry. I’m not drinking, I’m trying to see a doctor but I’m in another state and not having any luck. I went to the ER and bag of saline and some labs I was let go. I’m all alone and scared. I hope to talk to someone from here

-P.L. - Illinois"

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