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P.M. – Q.C.

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


It has been a long time now that I was meaning to sit down to write about this. And finally, I am doing it now. This is my 87-year old mother’s story of her vaccination injury. She was a surprisingly healthy woman before her vaccination on the 14th of April 2021. I am not exaggerating when I say that my mom has never been sick. In my own recollection, growing up as a child in Quebec City, I have never seen her suffer from something as simple as a common cold. However, for the better part of 7 years now, she suffered from dementia. After my father's death 3 and a half years ago in Toronto, we had brought her back to Montreal to live with us.

In the fall of 2018, she was medically evaluated by Dr. Magnan at the Saint-Lambert evaluation centre at the request of the CLSC Samuel De-Champlain. She stayed at this evaluation centre for a month or so. After a battery of tests, the doctor told me that, other than her cognitive decline and type 2 diabetes, she was a very healthy woman. But he had prognosticated that within a year, she would progress to the Alzheimer’s stage. Nonetheless, we were all so surprised at her resilience, and until her vaccination this April, her dementia never showed any signs of worsening even after 3 years. She was a happy woman who could be heard most days, singing along with the hymns playing on her TV. Laughing at anything funny on her TV. I did not need a watch to know what time it was as she had a perfectly timed daily routine. She would wake at the same time in the morning. Take her shower and sit on the side of her bed with her day clothes on, doing her Maallah (Rosary). We would make her breakfast, and she would basically devour anything we would put in front of her. Even after 3 years, we were so surprised at the stability of her Dementia that it showed no sign of worsening, let alone progressing to the dreaded Alzheimer’s stage. Aside from her short-term memory, she had very stable health.

But everything changed on the 14th of April 2021. As I brought her home from the vaccination clinic after her jab, her face became swollen. She was having trouble with her balance. The swelling subsided after a few hours, and she began to sleep day and night. She refused to eat or drink anything. Her daily routine was gone out the window in one day as she was catapulted into what seemed like Alzheimer’s disease. Basically, she went into full-fledged Alzheimer’s within one day!! Believe me, when I tell you, we’ve lived with her for 3 and half years now. And I dare say that she was totally changed and transformed into a person we no longer knew. A completely bizarre set of circumstances started to take shape on the day after her jab. Her daily routine was totally upside-down now and remained so to this day, even after 3 months since her injection. Now she no longer remembers that she is supposed to do her Maallah until breakfast time after her shower. And most days, I find her at bedtime, in bed with her day clothes on without her pyjamas. I tell her to go to change her clothes, and when I check after 10 minutes, she is still in bed at the point of falling asleep and has forgotten that she should change into her pyjamas. She has to be force-fed every meal. Someone must sit with her until she finishes her meal. If not, she will not eat it. To this day, she has no appetite. If you ask her if she is hungry, she will waste no time saying “NO.” And it is always NO even after 8 hours of being force-fed.

One week after her inoculation, I called her doctor at the clinic where she was vaccinated and told him about this sudden change. And heeding his advice, I monitored her temperature, blood sugars, blood pressure and oxygen multiple times a day. But a strange delirium inflicted her from that day onward. She was talking silly things that didn’t make any sense. Other than her slightly elevated blood sugars controlled with her diabetes medication, all the vital signs were normal. After a week of this very disturbing behavioural change, I again called her doctor. But he said that he had seen this sort of thing before. As he gets about 5 or 6 patients daily reporting the same sort of thing after the jab. He advised me to wait for another couple of weeks. He said, as long as her vitals are good, there’s nothing to worry about. As we entered the third week after the vaccination, I again called her doctor to tell him that she would not eat anything and was rapidly losing weight. He told me to bring her into the clinic so that he can examine her. At the clinic, the examination was quite extensive and thorough. He said that the right side of her body was showing abnormal mobility. His suspicion was that she may have had a stroke. He advised me to take her to the hospital immediately. I brought her home and called an ambulance to take her to the Charles Lemoyne Hospital.

I was not even allowed to accompany her or visit her at the hospital. One day after she arrived at the Charles Lemoyne Hospital, one of the doctors called me to tell me that she had a small lung infection. And that they were going to treat her with intravenous antibiotics. I asked if they had tested her for C0VID; the doctor said ""YES"" and ""NO, we had done the tests, and the result was NEGATIVE"". I distinctly remember asking this question two during the conversation with the first doctor to make sure that I heard correctly that she was negative. I was so happy to hear that she was C0VID negative that I called my brother in Toronto to give him that good news. Then, believe it or not, less than an hour later, I got another call from another doctor in the same team that was treating her. This doctor told me that indeed she was C0VID positive. I told him that I just spoke with the other doctor, and she told me that my mother was negative. He said she was positive. Then I asked him if she was C0VID positive, why is it that you are treating her with antibiotics? A bizarre silence on the other end of the line. These doctors are not used to get such questions from informed people who know that antibiotics do not work with viral infections. He suddenly had a convenient answer that my mother had a secondary infection. Even though the doctor knows full well that a secondary infection would only peer its ugly head after the original infection had taken hold after weeks. This theory of secondary infection that early in the progression of the so-called virus never convinced me. So one negative result and a positive result about one hour later!! This discrepancy should raise everyone's eyebrows. And that’s the justification he gave me for the decision of treating her with antibiotics. He never offered any explanation of this mind-boggling discrepancy of the other doctor saying that she was C0VID negative. The doctors at that crazy hospital never accepted that the jab was responsible for the adverse reaction. They were only too eager to find a C0VID positive result to blame for her condition. I lost all faith in that hospital on that day. Funny how in one day, going from having zero symptoms of C0VID, no cough, no shortness of breath, no fever, and suddenly being C0VID positive. Does this make any sense to anyone?

Luckily, she got transferred to the same hospital /evaluation centre in Saint-Lambert on day 3 of her stay at the Charles Lemoyne. I was glad to get her out and away from that hospital of quacks!!!! Finally, after a week at that centre in Saint-Lambert, they called me to tell me that after 14 days, she will be sent home. I asked them if they will be doing another test to know if she is negative before going and getting her. The answer was no. Why, I asked? They said that they never test after 14 days as the patient is no longer contagious after the 2 week period. It is very strange and convenient that they are so cavalier about testing you for C0VID to get a positive test and, thereafter, no interest in getting a negative result. I guess the negative result for every patient would screw up the pandemic numbers. There’s something very fishy about this protocol that baffles me to this day.

Now, going on 4 months after her JAB, she is still not the mother that I had before the injection. She sits there like a zombie in front of her TV that plays continuous hymns and religious movies that she loved in the past. Her attention span is totally shot. She sits for hours at a time in the same position looking into her bedroom ceiling as if she is in another world. Talking to her is another very disturbing thing. She does not understand what you are saying to her. Sometimes, she is struggling to find words for a normal conversation. It is so disturbing that I find myself losing sleep over this. Before her injection, she would prematurely turn on her room light at 1 pm in the middle of the afternoon. This is a common behaviour of Dementia patients, her doctor said. And now she sits there in her darkroom after sundown looking up into the ceiling without even noticing that it's too dark. Getting her out of her room to sit down in the sun outside is also very hard. She has no interest in doing any activity and just wants to sit or lie down in her bed. The other day, I saw her change into her pyjamas in the middle of the afternoon and then, at bedtime, changed back into her day clothes, getting ready for bed. She goes to the bathroom and doesn’t even remember to turn on the light in the nighttime when it is pitch dark. Very disturbing behaviour. Before the Quack-cine injection, you could make tea back to back, and she would drink and drink. A couple of years ago, we counted that she drank 11 cups of tea in one day. Now, she doesn’t even drink tea after her meal. Tea has been the love of her life for over 50 years. She would keep on asking for tea all day long. Now the tea doesn’t interest her anymore? Don't ask me why or how! All I know is that my mother has been catapulted into full-fledged Alzheimer’s disease within one day after the jab.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from the same clinic where she got her first injection for her 2nd dose. This is how shameless these people are, knowing full well that she had been hospitalized after the first injection. I had made a complaint with them. They are only interested in their quota, period! So, I asked the pharmacist if she had consulted her doctor's advice in the same place down the hall from the pharmacy. The doctor had said that he will put a note in her file after her terrible experience with the first dose. I asked the pharmacist, ""Don't you think that the second dose is dangerous for her health?"" The next day, I got a text message from ""ClicSante"" saying, ""2ieme dose ANNULE"". Luckily her doctor cancelled her second dose due to her adverse reaction to the first injection. We have been waiting for her condition to improve, but it doesn’t seem like it's going to happen. She has good days when she eats unsupervised but most days she still doesn't eat anywhere near the amount of food she consumed before the day of the injection.

P.M. - Q.C."

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