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P.N. – North Carolina

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I was a healthy 39 year old that enjoyed playing with my children, hanging out with friends and my husband and going about life with no major medical concerns. I got the first Pfizer vaccine in May 2021 and the next day had the typical side effects, arm pain with hot flashes and chills and slight nausea throughout the day. The following day those symptoms started to subside but I started to notice joint pain. I assumed it was because I was active and typical pain from working out. Over the next few days the pain got worst and I was doing less activity to let me body heal. After a week, I went to my physician who prescribed me steroids. There was no relief and by this time I started getting burning pain in my legs and tingling in my hands and feet. Another week later and I was prescribed different steroids for a longer dosage. Still no relief. I had also noticed heart palpitations, but assumed the constant pain and stress was causing them. I had seen a new doctor after a few more weeks of pain and some tests started coming back abnormal with signs of internal inflammation, but autoimmune tests were all negative. 4 months later and I'm still in daily pain. I try my best to go about daily activities, but I am limited and CAN NOT do the same things I could do before. Sometimes I can not cut my food with a knife, as my hands hurt too much. If I try to blow dry my hair, my entire arm is in pain for the rest of the day. I'm on my 5th doctor, had over 50 blood tests, along with sonograms, ct scans and other tests. All with no direct answers except my immune system is in overdrive and I have inflammatory response. I'm so tired of being in pain everyday, spending hours a week at doctor's, more money than I ever imagined on trying to find answers (and I have medical insurance but there have been so many out of pocket costs) and NOTHING.... Not one answer from all these tests and no concern for my pain and suffering from any agency!

-P.N. - North Carolina"

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