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P.S. – Missouri

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I was bawling when I found the video of the few women who made the initial video.. Thank you. I'm a mom of 3, 59 years old, Retired x-ray and cardiovascular ultrasound tech. I waited on getting the vaccine until I researched each method. I felt that Johnson and Johnson was the best choice as well as my functional Dr., because of its delivery method. I was wrong.

March 27th I took the J&J vaccine and felt a little off that day but thought maybe it was nerves. My tongue was a little thick, and I could tell my heart rate was higher. But by that night and the following few days, I was fine.

Then it hit, about 5 to 7 days after the vaccine, I started chilling, and aching everywhere. My legs were killing me. My kidney area was hurting so bad. I remember talking to my neighbors and rubbed my lower back the whole time.

April 11th, I couldn't get out of bed, I was exhausted and in so much pain and felt overall horrible. But around 7pm, I decided maybe I needed to get up and get out of the house. My husband and I decided to go get ice cream. I remember driving and feeling awful and that I had made a mistake going. I didn't even want to talk.

A little further up the road at an intersection, I woke up from passing out. My husband didn't even know. I told him immediately and knew I was in trouble. My heart was racing, I was shaking within, I was about to pass out again. I told him to call 911.

Luckily, there was a fire department seconds away. First responders came to my aid and called the nearest ambulance. I was having a hard time speaking, my mouth was cotton mouth, my heart rate was like 120's, my blood pressure was near 220/125.. I knew I was going to stroke. They had a very hard time getting my pulse or pressure. It was very faint. I had a few chest pains but not horrible.

Finally at the ER, they did a complete work up and found through blood work and CT that I had a pulmonary embolism in my left lung. My legs went completely numb, my arms started doing the same. My heart rate remained high, I kept feeling like I was going to pass out and had a rush of what I thought was adrenalin running through my body. This happened all night as I was admitted and spent two nights.

After the first night when they told me they found a clot my oncologist walked in and asked if I had seen the news, at that same time my brother had text the news article that Johnson and Johnson had halted the vaccine for blood clots. My phone then blew up with texts from my family.

I kept telling the Drs that my body felt like I had icy hot on it with a weighted blanket. It felt like my legs were not connected to my body. I kept feeling like I was going to pass out and had that rush of adrenalin running through my body. Which made my heart rate very fast.. I hated that feeling. The ER dr just said, my body didn't like how sick it was feeling. He did think it was from the shot. A couple drs and nurses did and some didn't want to touch that. I asked if they would report the symptoms. They said I needed too report it, they listen better from patients..

Fast forward, after I was released on blood thinners, heart meds, blood pressure meds, new supplements and a team of drs, and I am currently going through a nasty rash that two Drs cannot tell me what it is. I've had vibrations in my body, and what feels like an electrical storm in my arms and legs.

One night, I had to look up to see if my dog was shaking while on the bed beside me.. Nope, it was me. I have such brain fog I can't remember what I walked into the room to get. That has hardly ever happened. I have horrible stomach issues, I am constantly weak, I've fallen because my legs gave out, I ache all over, but especially in my lower legs. They ache and burn, I cry.. I can't sleep, I had to start anti depressants and nerve pills because I honestly didn't know if I could keep feeling this way.

At night, I've told my husband a few times, I stay awake at night because I think I am going to pass out and die if I don't tell myself to breathe. I now have heart SVT's, PAC's, PVC'S, and Bradycardia. If it doesn't straighten out in 6 months, I may need it shocked back into rhythm. My blood pressure is on it's own roller coaster.. I've had a headache almost everyday since April 11th.

My vision is horrible, I have an eye appt coming up soon. I woke up the other night and my left eye was half way black but thank goodness my vision came back but the blurriness continues.. I have numbness in my face. I had horribly swollen and sore lymph nodes on my neck like I've never had. I have had numerous mouth sores. I constantly feel like I have a low grade fever. Another weird symptom is my normal meds now make my tongue thick. I don't have any desire to go anywhere or do anything with my family. I'm often exhausted. I could hardly walk around the house for a month or so after I was released.

After all this I'm still not anti vaccine but have been told by more than one Dr to NEVER get another vaccine. I'm worried for my kids because they are scared of the vaccine now. The one thing that bothers me most about this is that the hospitalist put on my dismissal forms that I had a panic attack. That comment has haunted me since.. Please someone help.

-P.S. - Missouri"

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