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P.S. – Pennsylvania

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"Hello my name is Priscilla, I've been searching for months on does anybody have the same feelings I do. I just want to point out I am pro vaccination.

I will say that I got my 1st pfizer Vaccination March 29th and my 2nd dose April 19th on the day of my vaccination During the time that they have you sit down to make sure you don't have severe side effects from vaccine you sit for 20 minutes I wound up staying 45 minutes due to I had an electrical feeling throughout my whole body but they said nothing of it I did not pass out or anything so they set me on my way home.

After 15 minutes of sitting there I had a weird metal taste in my mouth after that I thought it was because I didn't eat anything before taking the shot my stomach was sour I didn't quite feel that great just a little Off not quite feeling like myself I figured it was because of the shot.

I looked at the pamphlet to see if there was any side effects of metal tasting in the mouth found nothing I called the number To let them know about my side effect but I never got a response back.

On that day on my way home I had that metal taste I thought am I bleeding through my mouth but I was not it was just a taste. As I continued my day At one point during the evening I was walking towards my bathroom and I had half of a second of a feeling of like an electrical shock throughout my whole body I felt like if I went back into time and dropped right back forward didn't fall or anything just the feeling. I couldn't understand what it was.

2nd day of my covid shot I still had the taste of iron 3rd day of my covid shot I had the electrical feeling again. I kept telling people about my symptoms everybody looked at me like I'm crazy and said that it's not the shot.

Let me just point out that before my covid shot I was a young 53 year old highly active energetic love hiking, exercise,gardening, working, and always doing something. Full of energy.

I will say before taking the covid shot in the beginning of the year in February I had one week that had a fever of a 101 to 102 I kept calling my doctor to get seen and he said that I couldn't go to the office that if I had covid I had to just run its course If I had debilitating symptoms and couldn't breathe then go to hospital I was not allowed to go to my primary care's office.

When I had the fever I could still smell just weakness tiredness And fatigue no energy brainfog. Within 2 weeks my symptoms disappear I no longer had fever just brain fog and tiredness.

A month later I called my primary care physician to ask him if he can do an antibody test for me I wanted to know if I had the covid and he said it was not necessary. I'm not a person that usually has fever for anything my only main health issue is hypothyroid And a slightly elevated blood pressure when stressed. All my blood labs are always good no issues pretty much good health.

I will say that since I took my Covid vaccine shot I've had loss of energy, fatigue, tiredness, brainfog, heart palpitations.

Now after three months I just woke up one day with severe joint pain, musclepain, muscle weakness on my left side, heart palpitations loss of appetite but still gain weight, brainfog,and a finger that locks on me.

I have been to my doctor with all these symptoms I have done blood works it shows no signs of arthritis No signs of Lyme disease And he won't do any other tests till I see Is a rheumatologist so I'm scheduled to see a rheumatologist in March 31st of 2022 If the pain in my body continues as it is I don't think I'll be walking in on March 31st to the office they'll have to wheel me in.

I just want this all to go away I am constantly looking for information on what I can do to get rid of this vaccine from my body. I changed my eating habits to healthy eating lots of vegetables not so much meat But nothing helps . Now everybody talks about getting a 3rd booster that is not something in my option. I totally with immunizations and vaccines but I do not agree with the fact that there is no information to tell you the truth about what can be the side effects that you may get from the vaccine. It doesn't feel good I did not just get all this pain overnight from 0 to 10 on its own. I honestly can say that these symptoms are not normal I did not have anything wrong with me now I have everything wrong with me I just want it to go away I want to be able to go hiking and be able to do things. The worst part is the doctor does not know anything and Is that it's not the vaccine has no answers and does not help in searching something I feel like I'm alone in this. I was very happy to hear the video and to know that there's a site where I can say my story and be heard maybe there's someone out there who had the same symptoms as me.

-P.S. - Pennsylvania"

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