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Patti Guadagno

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What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I have always been an athlete from his early as five started as a swimmer/ballet/when I turned 19 first call in the weight room we trained/ triathlon!!
I am now 62 from the early 70s never ate clean, cut out carbs from the early 70s after years of studying the effects of carbs/sugar/insulin…
Never had a french fry, no soft drinks, never eat fried food… etc….Clean Whole Foods lean meat, vegetables, and fruit. OhI have consumed almost all my life… I never skipped a day at the gym until I was 58 years old! Since then I continue to go five days a week.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

My symptoms started after my very first Covid shot! I started noticing exhaustion while working out… But yet I was not winded, so could not figure out what was going on… After my second shot, I started noticing this beating from inside my body, which felt like my heart was soaring, but couldn’t figure out why it continued all through the night, and into the early morning… I continue to work out, because the heartbeats were strange. I describe them as some kind of electrical short that would not stop even at rest
Finally, once I got the booster, things became even more’s. I could hardly make it through workouts and far into the night. I did not want to have conversations as I thought my heart was beating too high.
It was after this third shot that I noticed with each shot symptoms seem to get worse/correlated this with the shot!!!
Sometimes, just while sitting, I felt like I could not breathe, and had to try to get a yawn in which was not easy!!!
I was completely devastated during 2022 as I was always told at the gym I was the strongest woman they had ever seen….. but for some reason, my lungs didn’t seem to be affected, but also, most importantly, I was losing weight rapidly… Being that I was extremely strong and muscular. I was noticing that my muscles seem to be eaten away. Skin began to hang with muscles once were… I was trying to eat an extreme amount of calories, which didn’t seem to help !!!I couldn’t lift even the lightest weight without feeling completely exhausted… Then when class voiceover, is it free to walk into the shower because it felt like I had run a marathon… Even though I had worked out my entire life, never ever feeling even winded!!!!!

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

I finally decided to go to my primary care physician, who was regarded as one of the best at Baptist Hospital in Miami, Florida. After I explained all my symptoms… Irregular heart beat pounding out of my chest, even after my workouts, difficulty breathing at rest or taking deep swallows.
My primary care physician seem to turn the other way as she was taking notes with a strange expression on her face only to write down that I had arrhythmia, and at my request, she was going to send me to a heart doctor/cardiologist!!
Made an appointment for cardiologist three months later and you couldn’t get an appointment in where he ran millions of test only to suggest putting me on statins(which I refused) being that I was always extremely careful with my body and never resorted to over-the-counter drugs!!!
Finally, I went to another primary care physician… Explainin I was Still feeling extremely exhausted, heart was beating out of my chest… And for the first time my blood pressure was soaring… She only noted in her notes that I had exercise intolerance???
**** Finally after researching and discovering podcast on Myocarditis… Did it finally register what I was going through… And these pod cast described exactly what I had described to my three doctors… Two primary one cardiologist… But it seemed as though it was an electrical short… Not getting oxygen to my heart in a horrible, squeezing, as I lifted my weights over my head and continue to do boot camp classes!!!? extremely livid. At this point I finally stopped exercising, and eventually symptoms started to dissipate after two months with light affects even now.

Which solutions were not helpful?

The solutions that were not helpful for going to my two primary care physicians, as well as my cardiologist, who never bothered to even suggest that as an athlete what I might have been experiencing. Was this new side effect called … myocarditis!!!!!!!!

What would you like others to know?

The most egregious thing about this entire experience is NO ONE not any doctor or any media gave us a heads up on the so-called Covid shot effects that could’ve triggered this myocarditis in certain people…
At least, if I would’ve known this myocarditis existed….. I would’ve immediately STOPPED working out!!!!! as now I know inflammation of the heart is the most serious, devastating health ailment that you should never ignore!!!
Unfortunately, even though I did not, nor this devastating heart affliction… Not one doctor pointed out, or even wrote in my notes about myocarditis.!!!
Lastly, just aggravating is the fact that I keep thinking…WHY ME????? I have been someone who has worked out and eaten clean, fasted before it was even in… And yet through someone else’s negligence/miss information… For the first time my health could’ve been compromised… I am still shocked that I did not die in the last two years dealing with this misinformation we’re not one doctor/no media coverage could’ve allow the demise of my health !

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