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R.A. – Virginia

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"On 10/01/21 I took the 1st dose of the Moderna, because the president mandated it. I had a previous reaction to another vaccine, but I didn’t want to lose my job. I am a hospice nurse. On 10/02/21 I got up and did normal Saturday things. I had a headache and was very hot all day (atypical for me as I am cold natured). My husband & I settled down to watch TV when, at about 1030/11pm, I started having trouble breathing. I couldn’t drink water because I felt like my tongue and lips were swollen and I felt very dry. My muscles also started to hurt, like they were locking up, specifically my groin, neck and arms. I felt like I couldn’t move, but I was shaking. I told my husband to call 911 because I told him something wasn’t right. I remember praying to God to please don’t let me die because I have to be here for my babies. EMS took me to ER. My BP was in the 170s, again atypical for me, and I was tachycardic. I heard them say “immune response to the Covid vaccine” I. HEARD. THEM. SAY. IT! But they labeled me as having an anxiety attack. I told my PCP what happened & she is telling me NOT to get the 2nd vaccine as I may not be here to tell her what side effects I had. Mortality. She said the word mortality. I pray these are the only side effects that I have, but I may not know for a few weeks, or months. That is very scary for me.

-R.A. - Virginia"

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