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R.B. – Connecticut

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


My 23 year old daughter J (of RI and CT) previously healthy, got second Moderna shot 2/17. On 3/3 felt as if she was on a boat with dizziness, had a headache, blurred vision, ringing in her ears, and was seeing spots. On 3/4 she had elevated heart rate and BP while in class and was sent to the ER. She was admitted under the pretenses that it was suspected vertigo but began twitching after a few hours. She was admitted as fall risk and placed in the cardiac unit to monitor her HR and BP. MRI, CT, EEG, spinal taps, and blood work came back normal with no answers and she was discharged on 3/7. She has seen numerous doctors including 6 neurologists of which 2 are movement specialists and has not received any answers. Upon being discharged (on 3/7) it became apparent her tremors were severe, convulsion like movements, that would not stop when she was in an upright position (sitting, standing, or walking). They would decrease in intensity when she was lying down ( or in an almost completely horizontal position). Tremors stayed consistent through 4/22 when she had a treatment that greatly reduced them. She still continues to have all of the above symptoms, with occasional chest pain and tremors, but overall her tremors have reduced significantly. She is started on a beta blocker (Metoprolol), LDN, and heart supplements April 30th. Most recently was prescribed a seizure medicine but hasn't begun taking it yet. It wasn't until time after time medical doctors referred us out did I start to think why is this cause unknown. My healthy daughter had a sudden debilitating condition and no one knew why.The only other thing new going on was vaccines for covid-19 and I came across many others with the same story, same situation we were in. The unbelievable health issues and experiences with medical appointments was happening to others. I am her mother and had to take family leave to be with her at all times. My daughter is a college student and trying not to lose what she has worked so hard for. I often worried it was a life and death situation and I still do. We need this investigated and taken seriously. People are suffering and alone and this is nothing short of cruel! We need honesty and transparency so my daughter and the many others who's lives are at risk can be saved.


R.B. - Connecticut"

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