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R.D. – Maryland

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Thank you for this platform. I received the J and J shot on April 12 in Hagerstown, MD at a state vaccination site. Later that day and the next, I experienced a very routine flu like reaction - fever, headache, nausea - which lasted about 24 hours. By day 3 I felt fine. The next few days I felt great and thought I was good to go.

Late on day 7, that started to change, and I’ve been experiencing lingering side effects ever since.

It started with extreme tiredness, leg pain, and headaches (I later found out that my blood pressure was way too high.). By day 10 I was experiencing paraesthesias, though I didn’t know that word at the time. On day 12 and 13 I was I in the hospital- where they evaluated me for a possible stroke, but all tests were normal. Since that time, I’ve been to two neurologists, a cardiologist, a pulmonologist, and a rheumatologist, and an internal medicine specialist. The symptoms have continued and fluctuated - at times seeming to improve and then worsening again. Overall, these have stayed about the same level, but have also changed somewhat between different symptoms. For example, I’ve been getting more myalgia type pain since late May. I’ve also experienced a swollen and hyper sensitive feeling in my legs even though they appear normal. This has been accompanied by bruising more easily and more petechiae than I used to get - although my platelets have been normal when tested. My experience with doctors has been better than some patients- in that they haven’t been dismissive. The rheumatologist and neurologist both agree that it is a reaction to the vaccine, but they can’t identify a specific problem to treat. On a symptom severity scale, I’ve been generally experiencing these side effects in the 3 to 5 range, which has meant that while I can’t function normally I can still function.

I really appreciate what you are doing with this website and my thanks to the Ruettgers for their efforts in putting this together and speaking out.

R.D. - Maryland"

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