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R.D. – Ontario

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Late 50s but I run 5k a day and walk and cycle. The morning I took the vaccine I did a 54k bike ride. At 4 pm I took a first dose. Within 24 hrs I had debilitating headaches radiating pain all up and down my legs with electrical pulsations all up and down my legs and pins and needles in my left arm and numbness in my left hand… add stomach pain and no appetite. 10 weeks later my veins are still all blown up and inflamed and I have inflammation in my legs. I had none of this before the Pfizer shot. 2 times to Emerg… 5 times to my doc. Useless. 7 months to get to see a neurologist up here! Our head of Health Teresa Tam has told docs all reactions are mild unless you die or are permanently damaged! Even a patient of my doc at 44 who had a stroke is considered mild! This is outrageous! Nobody will acknowledge these reactions ARE from these vaccines

-R.D. - Ontario"

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