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R.N. – California

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"Within the first five minutes after I received the first vaccine (Moderna) in April of 2021, I experienced a fogginess and pressure in my head. My eyes seemed blurry (like a slight double vision). When the nurse came to check on me and asked how I was feeling, I told her that it was like being under water… in the deep end. She told me that she’d heard others describe similar experiences. I soon discovered that I was also experiencing short term memory loss. But, 5 days later, it all lifted.

So, when it happened again immediately following the second vaccine injection, I assumed that, in time, it would lift… That was 5 months ago and I have severe pressure in/on my brain, whooshing sound/feeling and constant headache. The short term memory loss consistently effects every aspect of my life, every day.

Recently, I was hospitalized for my heart because I began to have chest pains, along with these other symptoms and spikes in my blood pressure. My heart checked out okay and the nurse told me that my CT scan was negative. She also said that (due to the high number of Covid patients) it would take a long time to get a neurologist to even speak to me. I’m a single mom and my 15-year-old had been at home alone for 2 nights already. He was extremely anxious about my condition. I just couldn’t lay there, knowing he was suffering. So, I asked to be discharged. The attending physician would not discharge me without the cardiologist’s okay. From the cardiologist’s perspective, I was good to go.

So, they discharged me. I’ve been home for two days and am extremely concerned about the pressure, pain and whooshing in my head, along with the dizziness and short term memory loss. If I return to the hospital, I will surely be stuck there and can’t leave my son for that long. We live on a mountain and the hospital is an hour away.

I’m very scared and feel isolated with these medical problems. Anyone who can relate, please reach out, if possible.

Thank you,

-R.N. - California"

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