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R.P. – Washington

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I was a healthy and active 68 yearly female and my only health issue was Hypothyroidism. I had my second Pfizer shot 5/31/21

All my problems started around 7/08/21 with both legs tingling, burning and then swelling. I went to an urgency care clinic and they decided it was edema, gave me water pills and sent me in for a Vascular Duplex Scan checking for Deep Vein Thrombosis, both legs were clear. These symptoms lasted for several weeks. I decided to try acupuncture and that has helped a lot. The swelling has subsided but the tingling comes and goes but with a lot less intensity than before. Then on 8/16/21 my face went numb and started tingling. I was concerned about stroke so I went to the ER. My BP was 201/100 this cleared up but resurfaced a week or so ago with another very high BP reading. My doctor had me start BP Meds and since I’ve never really had a problem I monitor my BP and if it’s too low I don’t take the medication…I’m not sure where that is going. The tests they ran in the ER were CT Head without Contrast, CTA Head and Neck with and without Contrast. They also did an EKG and found nothing. Their diagnoses was hypertension and Paraesthesias they gave me the BP meds before sending me home to follow up with my doctor who ordered an MRI. They found nothing there and then suggested a Neurologist which at that time was a good 2 months out…I’m still waiting.

The issue I’m having now is both my arms in the tricep area feel like they are being squeezed, this comes and goes. Also, sometimes I just blank out when I watch TV kind of like falling asleep which I’ve never done in the past.

I do get relief in my arms and legs by taking warm baths while massaging the areas that are bothering me. Also, walking seems to calm me down and I’ve been blessed to be able to do that most days.

-R.P. - Washington"

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