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Vaccine Injury of Recquel

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

At the best it's ever been! Just got married, work and family life was perfectly balanced and I had absolutely no stress, illness or concerns within our family which was amazing, coming from neglect then DV in the past, life was peaceful and happy

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Vaccine was mandated, I sat strong for 4months but not working that long was putting strain financially so I caved and had the 1st vaccine on 30th Oct 21 so I could return to worn the following week. 1st dose gave me excruciating nerve pain in my back which I had never suffered in my life but settled after a few weeks so I dismissed it. 2nd dose notification from work rolled around and hesitantly I had it on the 20th Nov 21. That was the last day I felt human!
I started spending days and weeks on end bed ridden with a variety of symptoms including debilitating migraines with numbness, tingling down my left side with loss of vision.
Chest pains, heart racing and beating hard.
March 2022 got worse, the waves I call them started. With a combination of the above migraines at times the chest pains/palpitations got worse, debilitating anxiety mixed with the drunk light-headedness feeling like I was going to collapse constantly. Gp's dismiss me multiple times telling me it's anxiety and months later I started demanding blood work, referral to see cardiologist. Since May 2022 I have seen the cardiologist, immunologist, Endocrinologist and multiple Gp'S demanding tests to be done and being dismissed over and over being told my bloods are fine, it's anxiety disorder and or now Functional neurological disorder and to find a neurologist whom looks at the grey area but no referral. I am lucky to get 4 maybe 5 days a month of feeling human, between the tremor (feeling like my internals/heart is shaking inside), chronic fatigue, muscle/joint aches and weakness, short of breath, racing heart, GI issues I feel like I am dying. Endless trips to emergency departments and doctors office. Bp is all over the place which has always been low, i have always lived a very clean healthy active lifestyle, tried so many things including change of diet (always been low carb high white meat protein no sugar) added red meats, cut out gluten, did natural detox, reduce chemical exposure in every way possible and nothing has helped. I am certain that the vaccine has done this and will not be told by another doctor otherwise.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

I don't have any sadly

What would you like others to know?

You are not alone, we are not crazy these things happening to our body are real and not in our head!

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