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Vaccine Injury of Richard W. Hurst

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Life was fine

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Reaction to Covid 19 Shot/Booster History: Moderna Vaccine/Booster
February 2021 to Present

1. Booster Shot Date: 16 November 2021 (Left Arm)

Week 1: November 22
• Fatigue; Nausea; chest tightness

Week 2: November 29
• Rash on left hand; spreads to wrist
• Swelling in left hand and foot
• Chest discomfort and tightness; abdominal discomfort
• Metallic taste in mouth
• Hypertensive event; BP 180-190/90-95 (clonidine protocol to resolve)
• Tingling in left arm

Week 3: Specifically, Dec, 7
• ER visit, Heart Rate 140, BP elevated to 180/90 +
• Cardioversion required to re-establish rhythm
• Subsequent visits to Drs. Mehdian and Papanicolau
• New BP med, Diltiazem 180 mg

• Left arm tingling; left bicep/shoulder pain; occasional left
hand rash (latter two ongoing through present, 2023)
• Torticolis (neck muscle inflammation; ongoing physical therapy since September 2021)

2. In Retrospect: Reaction to first two Moderna Vaccinations

• Dates of vaccinations: February 15 and March 15, 2021
• After second dose, hypertensive events April 3rd and 5th; both ended in ER visits; clonidine regimen; no heart issues per EKG, blood work
• Also chest tightness------mimics myocarditis

3. Ongoing Reactions 2022

• Sporadic pain at the vaccination site, left arm
• Left hand rash associated with elevated BP
• Left bicep pain (pain from mid-bicep to elbow at top of arm)
• BP can be elevated at times
• Inflammation of neck muscles causing head to look right involuntarily requiring physical therapy (issue commenced at time of first vaccine doses, February/March 2021); PT ongoing (began September 2021) through 2023
• NOTE: Other than neck inflammation, most other longer term reactions resolved in late spring, 2022 (June-July)

4. Los Robles Hospital Stay April 4-6, 2022

• Left hand rash and shooting pain at vaccination site, left bicep pain
• Possible GERD event but also elevated BP on 4/4—ER visit,
admitted to hospital; release 4/6 BP 150s/80s from 200/120

5. Events Prior to Pharmacological Stress Test April 19

• Morning BP fine, 127/67 but heart rate 98 at 0700
• Also left bicep pain in normal spot
• BP gradually rises through morning (possibly stress due to test?)
• Heart rate dropped to mid 80s by noon, BP rises into 170s/100
• During test, BP very high 190s/100 (per RN)

6. Fall 2022 into 2023

• Ongoing sporadic pain at sight of injection; pain level 3/10
• Rash on left hand returns in conjunction with shoulder pain


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