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Vaccine Injury of Russell Anderson

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What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was a transmission technician at a chevrolet dealership for 18 years. You have to be on your game mentally and physically to do this job. Leisure activities included ballroom dancing, kayaking, hunting and fishing.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

(1) Got Pfizer vaccine and had no side effects. (2) Got Moderna vaccine as a booster on December 5th 2021. (3) 13 hours after Moderna vaccine I found myself standing outside in the dark. I didn’t know where I was, how I got there or what I was doing. I was very disoriented and confused. (4) December 7th 2021 Two days after taking Moderna vaccine I started having g severe night sweats. 15-20 minutes after going to sleep the top part of my head would get extremely hot. When I woke up in the morning my pillow would be wet with sweat. 15-20 minutes after I got out of bed the night sweats would go away. (These night sweats lasted 42 days) (5) I was afraid to go to the doctor for fear of catching the Corona Virus. (6) December 11 th 2021 My saliva became so thick that I couldn’t spit. It was clear and thick like Karo syrup.

(7) December 27th 2021 At 3:15am I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t feel my arms. I tried to get out of bed and fell on the floor because my arms were so numb (My arms were just fine when I went to bed 3 hours earlier) (8) December 28th 2021 I suddenly got an insatiable craving for fatty meats! I couldn’t get enough steaks, baby-back ribs, bacon, etc. (9) I discovered that my handwriting changes every 30 minutes. It goes from good to bad and back to good. (10) I discovered that when I sleep for 30 minutes and then try to get up and walk across the room I sometimes unexpectedly fall down backwards. This happens mostly at night.

(11) January 17th 2022 I woke up in the middle of the night at 3:30am. Now I can’t feel my legs. It was like they were shot full of novocaine (I am 100% sure they were normal when I went to bed 3 hours earlier) (12) I tried to make an appointment with my primary doctor but he just retired. I tried to make an appointment with a new PCP but everyone was all booked up due to the pandemic. (13) Yet another new symptom. Now when I tilt my head down I feel electrical shocks all over my back. It feels almost like my spinal cord has swollen up and is getting stuck in the vertebrae. (14) My arms and legs felt like they were shot full of novocaine but I could still drive a vehicle. I went to my job and tried to work. I dropped tools all day long and made a lot of mistakes. I had to triple check everything I did, but I continued to work because it helped time pass.

(15) February 2nd 2022 Another employee asked me if I could test drive a vehicle to check it for transmission issues. I opened my mouth to answer him and it was lights out! When I regained consciousness I was on the floor and someone was hollering call 911. I could hear and see what was going on but could barely move at all. The paramedics came and put me in the ambulance. When they tried to check my blood pressure the monitor didn’t register anything. They thought the blood pressure machine was broken. Turns out my blood pressure was just too low to measure. By the time we got to the hospital my blood pressure was normal again. [16] February 2nd 2022 The hospital performed many test. The doctor told me that I passed out because I wad dehydrated. He told me to drink 3 tall glasses of water a day and I would be fine. I asked him why my arms and legs were numb. He gave me the phone number to a neurologist.

[17] February 3rd 2022 I called the neurologist. They gave me an appointment for 2 1/2 months away. [18] Now I have another symptom. When I wake up in the morning I have wild mood swings for the first 15-20 minutes. This lasted about three weeks. [19] The numbness in my legs is slowly spreading upward. Now I am numb from the waist down. [20] My hands are ice cold – 30 minutes later they are warm – 30 minutes later they are ice cold again. [21] Sometimes it feels like someone punched me in the stomach. The pain would last about 5 minutes. This only happened a few times. [22] Sometimes it feels like rope is tightly wound around my entire torso.

[23] I keep finding myself standing in one place dazed and confused for several minutes at a time. [24] My vision becomes blurry every 30 minutes – 30 minutes later my vision is crystal clear – 30 minutes later my vision is blurry again. [25] I’m starting to have trouble breathing around midnight. It feels like I’m suffocating even when I breathe real fast. It feels like I can’t get any oxygen. I got desperate and took some Allegra. Surprisingly it worked! After about 10 minutes I could breathe again. NOTE: I can’t swallow pills, I have to chew them up. [26] I was finally able to get an appointment with a primary doctor. The appointment was for April 5th 2022 which was a month away.

[27] I researched my symptoms on the internet. All of the diseases that matched my symptoms stated that treatment should begin immediately if patient is to have a chance at full recovery. [28] March 4th 2022 I decided not to wait for my neurologist appointment. I went to an Urgent Care Center. They told me that I might have Multiple Sclerosis or Guillain Barre Syndrome but they weren’t sure. [29] March 5th 2022 The Urgent Care Center called me and said that they think I should go back to the emergency room. [30] March 9th 2022 I was suddenly awakened by an extremely sharp pain right in the middle of Mt right foot. It felt like someone shot me in the foot with a nail gun. The pain lasted 1-2 minutes. [31] March 9th 2022 I wrote a 5 page summary of my medical symptoms. [32] March 10th 2022 Around 3pm I checked back into the emergency room. I gave them the 5 page summary of my medical symptoms. [33] I requested some Allegra because I sometimes have a breathing attack around midnight. [34] March 10th 2022 They dimmed the lights at bedtime and I started to dose off. I seemed to be having a little trouble breathing. I reminded the nurse that I needed some Allegra. My breathing attack quickly got worse. No matter how fast I breathed I couldn’t get any oxygen. It felt like I was drowning under water. I passed out and went into cardiac arrest. When I regained consciousness they told me that I almost died. [35] March 11th 2022 The hospital performed all kinds of test, MRI, Ultra-Sound, EKG, Blood Tests, etc.

[36] March 12th 2022 The doctor told me that I have a vitamin B12 deficiency and my blood count is a little off. [37] March 13th 2022 The doctor told me that the MRI showed a lesion on the inside back wall of my spinal cord. He said that is probably what is causing my problems. [38] March 13th 2022 I was released from the hospital with instructions to take B12 1000 mcg twice a day and Allegra 180 mg once a day. The instructions also said to keep my appointment with the neurologist which was still a long way off. [39] March 20th 2022 I noticed that my urine was very dark and had a strange smell. [40] March 21st 2022 I woke up at 12:37am with a sharp stabbing pain in the area of my heart. This pain happened again at (6:01am)(6:11am)(6:40am)(7:16am) I considered calling 911 then I discovered that the pain would go away if I laid on my right side and breathed extremely shallow.

[41] March 22nd 2022 I finally got to see a neurologist! He showed me the MRI of my spine that he got from the hospital. He pointed to a white spot on the MRI and said that is what is causing my problems. He diagnosed me with Subacute Combined Degeneration 107 days after my first symptom. He said that if I get B12 injections and take B12 tablets I would probably be able to go back to work in 1 1/2 months. [42] NOTE THIS WAS ONLY HALF OF MY STORY [43] 1 1/2 months later I was not better, some of my symptoms were even worse. [44] I went on to see other doctors (PCP)(Cardiologist)(Immunologist)(Rheumatologist). They performed more diagnostic tests (Ultra-Sound)(EKG)(Nuclear Stress Test)(CT Scan). These test came back as inconclusive. None of these doctors were able to help me. [45] I continued to get injections and take B12 tablets but I did not recover. [46] All along I had been doing medical research (I knew my symptoms better than anyone else) [47] I decided to start getting my own private blood tests. This is what I found so far: (Thyroglobulin antibodies are attacking my thyroid) (Peroxidase antibodies are attacking my thyroid) (Antibodies are attacking my intrinsic factor) (D-Dimer is elevated) (Vitamin D deficiency) (Iodine deficiency) NOTE: I wanted to get an Anti-MOG blood test but it was too expensive. [48] I started taking Vitamin D and Iodine supplements in addition to my B12 injections. I have recovered a little bit since then.

[49] March 16th 2023 One year and 3 months have passed since I got the Moderna vaccine. I have recovered a little bit. However, my arms, legs, hands and feet are still numb. My short term memory is extremely bad. I get tired very quickly. I can’t sleep between 4am and 7am. A sudden drop in temperature is painful. I still get electrical shocks all over my back when I tilt my head down. I get itchy rashes all over my face and neck that last 4-5 days and then go away for a week. My body seems to be stuck in some kind of a cycle because I keep getting better and then I get worse again. MY GOAL IS TO RECOVER ENOUGH TO GO BACK TO WORK AGAIN——–I AM VERY BORED AND I MISS MY JOB!!!

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

(1) Taking Allegra. (2) Researching my symptoms and then getting my own private blood test (This is not allowed in some states) (3)Eating fatty meats. (4) Taking vitamin D (Blood test showed I was deficient) (5) Taking iodine (Blood test showed I was deficient) (6) Taking vitamin B12 (Made some of my symptoms better and made some of my symptoms worse)

Which solutions were not helpful?

THE FOLLOWING IS A LIST OF MY SYMPTOMS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER—-‐————————–[1] Dehydration. [2] Severe night sweats that lasted 42 days. [3] Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia. [4] Easily fatigued. [5] Weakness in arms and legs. [6] Arms, legs, hands and feet are numb. [7] Hands become very cold every 30 minutes. [8] Handwriting issues every 30 minutes. [9] Blurry vision every 30 minutes. [10] Stabbing chest pains in area of heart mostly at night – Cardiologist suspected Myocarditis, Pericarditis, Pulmonary Embolism – Multiple tests were inconclusive. [11] Lesion in spinal cord – Diagnosed with Subacute Combined Degeneration.

[12] B12 Vitamin deficiency. [13] Vitamin D deficiency. [14] Iodine deficiency. [15] Elevated D-Dimer. [16] Peroxidase Antibodies. [17] Thyroglobulin Antibodies. [18] Intrinsic Factor Antibodies. [19] Severe breathing problems only around midnight. [20] Mobility issues that are affected by temperature. [21] Black colored blood veins in hands. [22] Insomnia – Can’t sleep 4am to 7am. [23] Blood pressure tends to drop around midnight. [24] Stiff arms and legs – Similar to rigor mortis. [25] Cognitive issues – I struggle with math and multitasking. [26] Extremely poor short term memory. [27] Wild mood swings – Lasted about 3 weeks. [28] Panic Attacks – Only in close in close quarters. [29] Itchy rashes on face and neck. [30] Falling down unexpectedly.

[31] Balance issues. [32] Cold sensitivity. [33] Feeling of rope wrapped around torso. [34] Blood color is very dark – it used to be red. [35] Cardiac arrest while in hospital. [36] Severe stinging in area of spinal cord lesion after B12 injection. [37] Vasoconstriction and Vasodilation issues. [38] Severe stinging in middle of right foot after B12 injection. [39] Strange symptoms following a CT Scan. [40] Strange symptoms during an MRI. [41] Occasional irregular heartbeat when checking blood pressure. [42] Trouble with bowel movements due to numbness. [43] Severe feet pain due to temperature drop – Feels like I’m walking on sharp rocks and broken glass. [44] Felt like the roots of my teeth were itching – very strange sensation. [45] When I tilt my head down I get electrical shocks all over my back

What would you like others to know?

(1) I am currently disabled due to the Moderna vaccine. (2) As March 16th 2023 I have not been able to get ANY financial assistance. I feel like I’ve been swept under the rug. (3) I suspect that there are thousands of people who are not coming forward with their vaccine injury because of the way they have been treated.

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