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S.L. – California

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



Testimony from a healthy 47 year old female who has never had any adverse reaction towards any meds or vaccines before:

17 days after 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine, I had an excruciating painful attack on my entire skull/jaws/gum which I initially thought of as a bad case of 'migraine'.

ER treated me with dozens of severe cocktail of meds that calmed my excruciating pain. Upon returning home, I was left with extreme tightness on the back of head, a very severe head pressure, dizziness, foggy memory and an extreme fatigue that kept me sleeping most of the day. ( The pain level was 100, I felt all my nerves on my brain and skull were inflamed and really uncomfortable to have the head pressure 24/7 )

Initial consultation with a neurologist said it might have been a viral meningitis. Didn't receive a spinal tap to confirm it because I was on steroid pack already.

I was told I will feel better soon.

Not being able to improve upon several weeks, I had a second consultation with another neurologist, who then said I probably am suffering from the covid vaccine neurological side effects which starts 2 weeks after receiving the dose.

It has been 8 weeks, and I still have some remaining head tightness. I had spent about 6 weeks bedridden.

It it unbelievable how the media and the vaccine producers have kept silent about all the negative side effects. Shouldn't everyone WANT to know the truth on the safety of the covid vaccine? And also want to IMPROVE?

As a healthy person, I regret believing the media that the vaccine will keep me healthy. It brought so much pain and suffering for me and I want the world to know that the covid vaccine really isn't all that safe.

-S.L. - California"

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