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S.M. – Arizona

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I got the first Pfizer shot on July 31st 2021 after my company mandated the shot been done before November 1st 2021.. As I waited after the injection my left side started shaking and went away before I left Walgreens. 2-3 hours after I got home I started experiencing tingling and numbness in both hand, both feet and face. At times it also feels like those areas are burning or on fire. This is still happening and I am not getting the second shot. I will probably loss my job of 17 years in the medical field. I feel like people don't believe me because I was out spoken about my fears of the potential side effects and it has happened. What am I to do now.? How can I live my life like this? No job. No medical insurance. No one to hold accountable.

-S.M. - Arizona"

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